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Hey all, my first post on this forum as it is my first time going here. I go to the D.R. twice a year but have decided to go here this November. Has anyone been here recently as dont see too many post about Margarita Island. COuld someone please help me out. Thanks in advance.

you will like the island I find the people very friendly and you get a better value for your dollar. I prefer it to Punta Cana it is not as fancy but it makes up for it in other ways. I am going back again this year to the Dunes if you have any questions please email and maybe I can help.

We stayed at the LTI several years ago and it was a very good resort. Excellent beach, huge pool several bars and the staff were great. The only downside I feel this resort had was the food. Not a great variety or not even hot food when it was suppose to be. However I have read several reviews lately where many of the guests have disliked this resort because it seems the management have done very little to bring it up to it’s former four star class. But one has to realize that this is just their opinion and might not be completely accurate.

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