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Here is a bit of travel advise regarding your luggage transportation from the Airport to the Henry Morgan Resort.We would strongly advise that you witness for yourselves that your luggage has the right room number written on it by the staff and that you witness for yourselves that your luggage actually gets put on the bus heading to the resort.Wossa and I, last seen our six bags at the Airport and watched the staff did write our room number on them but did not wait to see if the bags were put on the bus, only 4 bags made it to our room.We notified the front desk that we were missing 2 of our bags which contained our clothes and the staff could not locate them. Most of the workers, managers, guest relations, etc… looked frantically for our bags for 3 hrs, searching the resort and grounds with no luck. Finally the staff went room to room opening the doors and looking inside and finally located our 2 bags in another guests room.We were sure we would never see our clothes again since it took so long to locate them. We were concerned that the bags never left the Airport since we did not wait and make sure they loaded them onto the truck heading for the resort.We really wished that we had waited and watched them load the bags on the truck so we would have at least known the bags were at the resort somewhere and not at another resort or left behind at the Airport.

This is just another reason why you should make sure you have clothes in your carry on bag in case your luggage does go missing.

Freedom Ryder 8-)……………

wossa Guest You really need to have your wits about you…….everyone is just relieved and excited about getting through customs and getting on the bus, and naturally think that when the resort staff take your luggage, you have completed the handover….as we did.It soon dawns on you the many things that can happen when this kind of process is in place, if you don’t actually witness the bags being loaded onto the truck.There are many porters at the airport taking luggage for the different resorts so definitely watch your bags for piece of mind at the other end.Wossa……. ;D

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