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Madrugada Residence  

Calle Mariano Vander Horst 54, Playa Bonita, Las Terrenas

"lots of fun things to do"
Posted by: ernest on Oct 22, 2014
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I really enjoyed the pool, Playa Bonita and the geckos!

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We went as a group to this hotel on one of our numerous vacations and this time around, we chose Mexico and Madruga residence precisely. It was a lot of fun for us, we enjoyed our holiday and hope to come back next time to meet this same experience, a very big shout out to all the staff members working here because in one way or another, they immensely contributed to a wonderful and successful holiday for us. The hotel surroundings are quite relaxing and at home because it is surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers, the atmosphere was peaceful and very encouraging. One thing you should know if you are planning on visiting this resort and that is the fact that the hotel has many villas and they are all decorated differently but beautifully. The villa we were ledged in had the simple and basic amenities and it was also fully equipped. It had a fully functional kitchen with the utensils available and a bathroom which had the necessary toiletries within them. The service here was great and we couldn’t have asked for anything different from what we got. Although at the beginning, we kind of got off on a wrong foot with the reception staff but it was all sorted out and we started all over again. The pool was pretty fun for us and the hotel is also kid friendly in case you are thinking if a family vacation. We had a great time, will be back.

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