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I’m booked to go to this resort in early December. When I was first doing my research, all the reviews etc mentioned that the main pool is undergoing renovations until October 31st. Having been to Cuba many times, I know that things move a lot slower so I figured that by booking for December, it gives a lot of wiggle room if/when the renos take longer to complete. But since I booked, the renovations have been extended to November 20th….and then most recently to November 30th. I’m starting to get a little nervous…that’s way too close to my departure date in early Dec.Has anyone been there lately and does it look like the renovations are almost complete?Thanks for any input!


Hi flygt! I ended up sending a message through the resort’s Facebook page and received a response from the sales manager that the renovations would definitely be done in November. And I see today they have just posted today that the main pool has been reopened. Whew, just in time! Thanks for the info!

Just to update this post for anyone planning to go…although the pool had re-opened before we arrived, it had some technical difficulties and was closed again when we arrived Dec 6. They started re-filling it and it was fully functional about 1 1/2 days into our vacation. As it turned out, it wasn’t a big deal as it was much chillier and windy than we expected so we never did get overly hot enough to go swimming. But the resort is beautiful, the staff was great, and we still enjoyed our vacation! The food was good enough (for Cuba), I never go hungry there. ;-)My only complaint was the loud music by the pool. I love the Cuban music that is usually played around the pool at any of the hotels I’ve been to, but this was not enjoyable. It was as though the activities staff were aspiring DJs and they had it absolutely blasting, so much that you couldn’t talk to your travel companions over the music. And it wasn’t background music, it was nightclub hip-hop, rap etc and SO loud. As soon as they started to set up the speakers, my mom and I would pack up and leave the pool area. Very disappointed with that. Otherwise, the place was great!

Too bad that they played so loud music that it was annoying. Happened to us in Cancun before. Did you try to tell them? What about other tourists did they complain or they enjoyed such loud music? Anyway thank you for your update and for letting us know what’s going on with swimming pool at Melia Peninsula Varadero

We didn’t complain to anyone at the time, but we did include our opinions on the comment card. It didn’t seem like as many people stayed around the pool once the music started up, so I don’t think it was just us who didn’t enjoy it.

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