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Arrival: January 24 – 31 We made our third trip to the Majestic Jan 24-31. We brought hubby’s mother with us, and knew she would love the Majestic. We found out only hours before departure that our flight was delayed by almost 8 hours and were not happy campers. Were supposed to depart at 6:05 am, be on the beach by noonish :), but that didn’t happen. Oh well, we got a full night’s sleep and headed out to the airport. As it turned out, our problems were minor compared to others who got caught up in Skyservices’ problems that week. I had arranged transportation with IBK Servicios even though shuttle was included in our package. How nice to avoid the line up of people, the waiting, and the stopping at resort to resort. So, everything started out nicely. We arrived at dusk. Since we beat the rush to the resort, we arrived to an almost empty lobby…how lovely. We were greeted with their signature Majestic slushy on our way to the front desk. No problems at check-in. Staff very pleasant and friendly. What a beautiful lobby, and then the walk down the stairs to the lower lobby and the view of the resort. The resort was lit up beautifully, and looked so elegant…


The reason we originally came to the Majestic the first time in 2006 was because of the newness and size of the resort, and the rooms. I wanted a large room, nicely appointed, and wasn’t dissapointed. I won’t go into the room descriptions, that has been covered so much in the reviews, and all the junior suites are the same inside. We were both in building 2, closer to the beach…rooms 2348 and 2234. Room 2234 had a minor musty smell, 2348 did not. Our maid and mini-bar man came every morning while we were at breakfast, and did a wonderful job every day. Different towel art every day. Left a note in spanish for the mini-bar man requesting a lot of some things, and none of another, and every day after that it was stocked exactly how we wanted it.

Restaurants and Bars:: I gained five pounds that week, so yeah, the food was good. I find that there are a lot of food choices at the buffet. Some people complain that it’s the same boring thing every day. I did not find that at all. When there is so much to begin with, what else can be added? Yes, there was fish every day, but a different type of fish. Potatoes every day, but cooked differently every day…you get the picture. You could always find something being cooked fresh, whether it be at breakfast, lunch or dinner. I looked forward to my surprise of the day’ for lunch and dinner at the buffet. Depending on our mood, lunch was either at the beach or the main buffet. The service in the buffet was excellent, our glasses were never empty. Went to the Steakhouse 3 times for dinner – sirloin is a fav. Le Gourmet was very good. Be prepared for a drawn out dinner. Our 4 courses took about 1 1/2 hours. Tepinaki was also good, and a lot of fun.

The beach party was fun. One tip…don’t eat dinner before you go. Save your appetite. So much food there that I didn’t even try because I was too full.

I could pretty well cut and paste what everyone else says about the beach and pool, so I won’t go there. They are both awesome and plenty of loungers to go around. Because the pool is so long, you never felt crowded. If you’re out shortly after breakfast, there was no problem getting under a palapa. Our biggest decision every day was whether to go to the pool or the beach. The grounds have grown in so much in 3 years. Just beautiful. Always being worked on.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:: We went to the meet and greet on Wednesday at Steve’s Bar. Dropped off some school supplies and finally met Wud and the 2 Mikes, but didn’t stay too long. Drinks are good, and cold. If you go, make sure the cabby drops you off DIRECTLY in front of Steve’s if you don’t want to get ‘attacked’ by the vendors nearby.

Hubby and I played one round of golf at Punta Blanca golf course. Nice course. Expensive, but we were expecting that. One round of golf each, rental clubs, and one golf glove….$390 U.S.

Other Comments:: I found the service to be impressive, whether it be at the front desk, bars, restaurants, housekeeping, and of course guest services.

We’ll be back again.

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