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We stayed at the Majestic Elegance Punta Cana from Tuesday, Jan 12 to Tuesday, Jan 19, 2010.

Staff & Service: The hotel staff were very friendly and accommodating. Most of the bartenders and serving staff spoke very good English and some bartenders even spoke French, too. We tried to speak Spanish whenever possible, but for the times when we couldn’t find the right words, we were still able to communicate well with the staff. There were two “levels” of service in this resort: standard and Elegance Club (EC). We chose to upgrade to the Elegance Club, and we are very glad we did. There were so many little extras that were worth it. We really felt as though we were in a top notch 5-star resort because of these extra services, including: o Concierge service + dedicated bellhops o Exclusive Access to 2 Elegance Club rooms (one on each side of the beach). These were named Elle and Ella. Each room had: – big screen TV – 6 to 10 computers with internet – fridge with bottled water, sodas, wine, and champagne – plenty of snacks – special rooftop bar o Special beach area, “Majestic Sands,” for Club members only o Special pool areas with bali beds and beach chairs o 24-hour room service o À la carte breakfasts & lunches o 4 bottles of booze in the room o Champagne in the room upon arrival, and upon request o Special Jacuzzi preparation upon request o Unlimited beach towels – no towel card to exchange like regular members had to do

o Same day reservations for à la carte restaurants (via concierge)

Food & Drinks: The food was good to very good at the à la carte restaurants. In our opinion the buffet had lots of choices but not a lot of familiar food and we didn’t think it was very good. There were 5 à la carte restaurants for dinner: Italian, Japanese, Gourmet, Steakhouse, and Seafood. The only two restaurants that required reservations were Japanese and Gourmet. The others you could just walk right up and be seated right away. The Japanese restaurant was Teppanyaki style meaning they seat you with other people (10 total) around the grille while the chef prepares the food in front of you, similar to Ichiban in Winnipeg. It’s the same meal for everyone, so it’s not really “à la carte” per se but it’s certainly not a buffet either. There is also fresh sushi that you can choose for appetizer or if you didn’t make reservations you can just go there for sushi only. Overall the restaurant was very good both times we ate there (4½ out of 5). The Italian restaurant was very good as well (4 out of 5), and we went there twice, too. Pastas, chicken, and seafood dishes were typical but done quite nicely. The steakhouse was good, but not great (4 out of 5). For anyone not adventurous, the steakhouse had familiar and solid food including chicken wings or Caesar salad for appetizers. The Gourmet restaurant was just okay (3½ out of 5) but had lots of seafood and very strange appetizers. One entrée, rack of lamb, was excellent while the other was just okay so it was hit or miss for us. As I mentioned earlier the buffet was subpar in our opinion (2½ out of 5). We did not try the Seafood à la carte for dinner. For breakfast the room service wasn’t very good (3 out of 5), but the à la carte breakfast at Italian restaurant (EC only) was excellent: (4½ out of 5). For lunch we mostly ate snacks at the Elle and Ella rooms and snacks at the Seafood restaurant which was the closest restaurant to the beach, so we never really ate a proper lunch, but we found the food to always be acceptable. In general, the drinks at this resort were amazing! The main lobby bar at night was quite swanky with most of the guests dressed up in semi-formal attire and the bartenders certainly were up to the task of making fancy drinks that suited the mood. Make sure you bring some nice clothes or you’ll feel underdressed! At this bar the bartenders made martinis, exotic tropical drinks, etc. and usually made them properly (using shakers, strainers, muddlers, etc), and even served them in appropriate glasses, too. The rest of the bars had more standard drinks but all of them had a large selection of booze and mix, a few premium brands, and the bartenders knew how to make everything we requested with only one exception the entire trip. Overall the drinks were amazing at this resort, comparable to El Dorado Seaside in Riviera Maya (and that’s saying something).

Resort Layout, Beach Area, and Rooms: The resort layout was fairly typical. There was one restaurant near the beach and all others were in the main hotel lobby area adjoined by a large evening lounge. The guestrooms were in two complexes – one with 3 buildings, one with 4 buildings ¬– and they lined the sides of the resort. Elevators were present in all guestroom buildings and there were also some ramps in other buildings. At the beach end of the guestroom buildings were the 2 exclusive Club rooms that I mentioned before, Elle and Ella. The beach area was nice, had lots of beach chairs, and had sufficient shade trees/huts. There were some bali beds along the Elegance Club pools but not right on the beach. Of course this beach is right along the main stretch of beach in Punta Cana (Bávaro beach) so it is absolutely wonderful. To the North of us was Majestic Colonial and to the South of us was an open spot of jungle and then Gran Bavaro Principe. Being right next to the jungle never bothered us at all as security was present at night and there were so many beach walkers during the day that we barely even noticed that there wasn’t another resort next to us. We walked all the way to the flea market (South of us) one cloudy day and it took us 45 minutes to walk each way at a fairly brisk pace.

The rooms themselves were quite nice and are very well represented by the pictures we saw online. In fact, all of the online pictures are very accurate and they give a good indication of what you can expect from the resort. The entire facility is clean and modern looking, just as shown in the pictures. We had to switch rooms on the first day because when we arrived there were no available Elegance Club rooms, just regular junior suites. But since the Club is actually just a collection of services, we were assured that we did not give up anything by staying in the regular part of the resort and that the rooms were the same. We decided to switch anyway so that we could be closer to the Elegance Club special rooms (Elle and Ella) and closer to the beach. Both of the guestrooms we stayed in were virtually identical, just as the staff had assured us. They had dual sinks, walk-in shower, nice bed, separate sitting area with a daily stocked fridge, in-room Jacuzzi, in-room safe, nice materials such as slate counters and flooring, etc. Again, the online pictures are very accurate. The only part of this resort that we felt was not 5-star was the maid service. They cleaned the rooms satisfactorily, but we didn’t get anything special or nice and a few times we had to ask for extra towels because the maid had forgotten to replace one or two. Overall the service was acceptable, but not great.

Overall: We were very happy with our resort and the service we were provided with while at our resort. We still feel that a 5-star resort in PC is not quite as good as a 5-star resort in Riviera Maya, but this one certainly proved that they are getting closer. I would highly recommend this resort to couples of all ages and for families with children who are at least teenagers or older. There was not a lot of children’s activities as far as I could tell, so it may not be the best resort for young families. The best parts of this resort were the beach, the Elegance Club amenities, and the bars, especially the main lobby bar.

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