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Was at the Outdoor Show in Toronto yesterday and found out about this place.It’s very small (less than 20 rooms) and has lots of diving.Has anyone been?Lisa

We just returned from a trip to Roatan, Honduras…the island beside Utila. The couple in the room next door to us signed up for an overnight excursion to this tiny island. When they returned, they said they will spend their whole vacation time on Utila and not Roatan. They loved it. A scuba diver’s heaven, they said.

HolaI was just at the dive shop picking up some new Dive Equipment and I was inquiring about Dive destinations in other parts of Honduras. I was in Roatan in February and the diving was awesome.I was told that the "Mango Inn" in Utila was totally amazing and that I should be checking this out for my next Dive vacation. The Diving there is suppose to be a lot better than Roatan.The employees of this Dive Shop have been to all sorts of Dive destinations and they highly recommend this area to Dive in.They gave me some awesome information on other trips they have been on as groups which also included Belize as well as Bonaire.Apparently you can call up a Scuba Holiday Travel shop and get them to put together all sorts of trips and packages together that cater to your needs. It can be an AI or a Motel, etc…..

Freedom Ryder 8-)………………….

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