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Just got time off work yesterday and booked the Marazul last night, leaving on Thursday! Can’t wait!!We love to see nature, i.e. jungle, hills, snorkeling etc.Any last minute advice?

If you get the chance book the island tour with the Jeneral–he can usually be found at the San Luis on the beach early in the morning with an Canadian Flag on his chair. This was a great trip around the island in the back of the pick-up truck but if you ride inside with him you learn so much more about the island

Take a trip over to JOHNNY CAY. You won’t regret it. It includes a stop at pretty much a sandbar for snorkelling, and then takes you to a virgin island for fresh lunch (mmmmmm fresh snapper) and fun in the sun/beach…i guarantee you’ll LOVE it.

San Andres is ranked high in world of snorkeling..take potooon boat deal for $20.00best hotel on Islandlousy beach but great dealI would go back

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Just arrived back last night….as we were leaving, you were in the group arriving. It was an amazing week, especially the snorkeling tour with Mario, his wife, and assistant Gary. Feeding the sting rays was a highlight. Got my finger sucked into one big guy’s mouth….powerful suction. The land tour with the Jeneral from the San Luis was an equally special highlight. The Jeneral was in the back of the truck with us. He is so knowledgeable about the island….loved every single second. From the Marazul, it took us 15 minutes to walk to Rocky Cay where the beach is amazing and snorkeling around the Lucky Star wreck was really interesting and fun. The shuttles running between all the hotels was excellent and always right on time. Can’t wait until my next trip to San Andres. Just wish there was internet service in the Decameron hotels, but we used the one across the street from the Aquarium a couple of times. I expect we will see the newly acquired Decameron Delphine next season with the others. Its another small one but very nice with padded lounge chairs and not just the hard plastic ones around the pool.

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