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HiWe are going to Antigua for 3 weeks in March 2015Looking for a self catering apartment-any recommendations

and als wondered about mosquitoes -reading about them in every review

Hello coldman welcome to Debbie’s Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums. I see you are very organized and you started researching ahead of time which is good I will let some of our members answer your question as some of them might stay / rent apartment in Antigua.
we stayed for 12 days at Stoneyhill Studio Apartments and if we ever go back to Antigua, we’ll definitely stay there again (just Google the name, their own website comes up as well as TA reviews). Prices were very reasonable and the owners were the best hosts we’ve come across.

Yes, there were mosquitoes but not more or less than anywhere else we’ve been.

Thanks for the advise traveljunky
we are booking this for our vacation

So what were your favouritegrocery storesbeachesrestaurants

could you walk to beaches

So what were your favouritegrocery storesbeachesrestaurants

could you walk to beaches

awesome! I really hope you enjoy it as much as we did. – The Epicurean grocery store in Jolly Harbour is a short drive away (yes, I recommend you rent a car if you stay at Stoneyhill, Karol can arrange it for you). They have a decent selection of products, some days you have better luck with the fresh fruits and vegetables than other days. The imported products are quite pricey, as everywhere else in the Caribbean, but we tried to buy local stuff (the Yao yogurt for example is quite good) Alcohol is cheap too.- Our favourite beach was Halfmoon Bay, but that’s on the other side of the island and you need a car to get there. You have 3 beaches close by: Darkwood, Ffryes and Valley Church Beach, they all have their own beach bar too. Of those three, Ffryes was our favourite and yes, you are able to walk to all three. We did that the first day. It’s about 15 to 20 minutes walk, a bit longer coming back as you have to go up a steep hill. The Jolly Harbour beach was nice too and about a 10 minute drive away. – We didn’t eat out too much, usually we bought a salad and patties/roti’s at the Epicurean and threw them in the microwave, as we ate most of our lunches at a beach bar. THe last night we went for supper at Dennis’ (Ffryes beach, not the beach bar, but the separate restaurant higher up the hill). It was good and very reasonably priced.

There are lots of restaurants to choose from in the area, though. Let me know if you need more information!

thanksdid you go to Shirley heights on Sunday nightssounds like it could be fun 

but also a tourist trap

no, we did not, as we thought too it would be a tourist trap. We did go to Shirley Heights during the day, to enjoy the view. If you decide to visit Shirley Heights one day, make sure you visit English Harbour on the same day, as they will charge you only one entrance fee. We didn’t know that and visited Shirley Heights one day and a few days later we went to English Harbour, where we had to pay again. We really liked English Harbour BTW .

On Sunday night, we went to ‘the Nest’ beach bar, on Valley Church Beach. They advertised they had a BBQ and a steelband, so we thought it would be more local. It was only the 2nd week they had that event and it was okay. Maybe it needs more publicity, because it wasn’t very busy. Not sure if they will do it next year.

Just to follow up we stayed three weeks at Stoneyhill fabulous place and settinggreat ownersbest vacation 

heading to Curacao next year

I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as we did! Merv and Karol are great hosts!

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