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It was three years ago yesterday that Mardi, a good friend to many of us who participate in these Cuba forums passed away. On that day, we lost one of the best. I miss him, and I know there are many others who follow the Cuba forums that miss him as well.Although Mardi and I never met in person, we had many good conversations via the TripAdvisor forum. Mardi was the kind of person that you could have a good, intelligent conversation with. He was also the kind of a person you could have a good laugh with. He was always willing to share both his wit, and his wisdom with us.I don’t know if Mardi had been a member of this forum, but he had participated in a few other forums. Often, when I would take a look at TripAdvisor, one of the things I would most look forward to was what Mardi had to say. But I was not the only one. Mardi had many friends on the forum. It was his generosity that won him all these friends. Whether it was helping people with ideas of things to do in Varadero, explaining the details of the weather, or helping a friend with instructions for refinishing an oak step he was there to help.The other part of Mardi that we all liked was his ability to have some fun. It might be a matter of sharing a joke, or just some good-natured teasing; Mardi‚Äôs alter-ego Joe King will be missed for a long time. We all remember Mardi in our own ways. I first started following these forums around 2004 or 2005, and that was when I first came to know of Mardi. It seems such a short time, but we will remember our friend for a long time. Rest in peace amigo.

He definitely has been missed. He was one of the people who people could count on to answer questions about Cuba, when first starting their research of the island. He had a great sense of humour, which was appreciated immensely, yet he was very caring and shared his knowledge of all things "Cuba" as well… including the weather…

Fridays just aren’t the same!

When I first started to post on Trip Advisor, mardi was very helpful and we exchanged PMs quite often and then emails. He was very giving of his time with people. Unfortunately, our paths never crossed in the real world.

I don’t know his age, but surely, he left too early.

Rest in Peace Murray (Mardi).Gone but never forgotten.

You should read Mardi’s post #13. So appropriate and as we all agree, Mardi was one of the good ones, taken too soon.

Nice to go back to an old post like that …… I cannot believe it has been 3 years. thanks for the memorial moment!

I am reading this a little late, but can’t believe it has been 3 years! I always enjoyed reading Mardi’s posts and replies on TA, and quite often had a little chuckle over them. I know he must be sorely missed by many!

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