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Marea de Portillo – For the life of me, I can’t find any reviews for this resort. Would it be under a different/old name?
Here you go: Marea

Incidentally, my review of Farallon is included under Marea, and it isn’t particularly clear that it is about the sister resort, since all reviews are filed under the Marea name. A bit confusing, as I submitted it as "Farallon del Caribe".

Been there +- 30 times – very rural but the best budget resort in Cuba – Si !!!

I find reviews on the Pilon forum (but that’s on TA). Because it is really 3 resorts (A small motel about 8-10 KM from Marea), Marea is the next resort, and the last is about a 3-5 minute walk to the Farallon that is rated best in the group. I sure wouldn’t go the the motel (rent by the hour type of place). I liked the Marea a lot. Farallon was also great but had an high end look to its structure and you would have to walk down the stairs to get to the beach. But all in all, location is good; lots of small towns to look around, great paladars, etc. I’m not sure where Debbie’s puts the reviews.

I’m not sure where Debbie’s puts the reviews. Under "Cubanacan Club Amigo Marea del Portillo", which I linked to in my post.

Yeah, I know eeeefarm, I thing we were posting at the same time. Really liked the Marea! If the price was right, I’d be there in a flash.

ok I found it. thanks everyone. Pretty sure it’ll be our February vacation. Now to decide – cabana vs room. Looks like a fantastic little place for us.

No matter what anyone says; no matter how cool or great, no matter how wonderful, two friggin hours is a killer.

It wasn’t two hours, if I remember correctly. In any case, sure didn’t seem long to me, and it was an interesting drive. I find the worst part of the trip at any Cuba destination is waiting in the bus for all those folks changing money and buying beer to get done with it so we can be off! I will definitely be back, although I doubt I would stay at Marea unless it was the only option. Farallon was better than many higher starred resorts I have visited, and the service was excellent!

I would find the two hours to be more brutal on the way back. You’d have to leave the hotel a good 5 hours before your flight time‚Ķprobably more. I’d be some cranky about that.
I went for two weeks and can’t say I really minded the ride. The countryside is interesting.The location is a nice change from the resort areas in the north of the country.The grounds has a really nice atmosphere, horses walk around the open areas, the locals play baseball just in front of the the Marea.

Plus you might get to meet Cubakingone. I missed him by a couple of weeks.

I checked with a Marea regular, and he pegs the airport/resort drive at 90 minutes, so about the same as going to Cayo Santa Maria. But not everywhere can have Cayo Largo’s five minute transfer!!

Place for easy vacation. If you would like adventure rent a jeep, take Carretera 20 east towards Santiago. after 60Km you should hit village Ocujal at foothill of Turquino. Have a drink and go back. Since this area has been hit by hurricane, part of Carretera is washed away and it is really challenging to drive a car.Enjoy!

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