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Well we have finally decided to give Margarita Island a try. I am wondering if anyone has been to both the Dunes and Laguna Mar resorts in the past couple of years that they could give us a breakdown of the pros and cons of each. I have read many reviews but of course if you haven’t been to both you can’t really compare. I hear that the Dunes is more secluded but with the cheap taxi service this may not be a problem. We don’t have kids and we prefer a good beach to a pool. Also like to get off the resort and tour about if we can. In addition, a nice beach or lobby bar is always great for those nightcaps. ;DSo if your in the know please fill me in. thanks
We went to the Dunes in 2004. It was our first trip south and it was pretty amazing in our opinion. The resort was first-rate as far as we were concerned. The beach there is quite wild however, as the water gets deep very fast offshore, and the waves pile up large and rough. Alas a red flag the whole week we were there, and I gather from reading other posts that this is the norm. We did travel across the island to Playa el Agua beach and frolicked there without fear of being towed out to sea. The sand was beautiful all around the island, a bit coarse, but beautiful white. Also, explore the island, (we did) and you can find beaches where you might be the only occupants for the day. Have fun with your decision, I don’t think you can go wrong with the Dunes, or Margarita Island.

And by the way, the lobby bar is great, too!

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