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I know there isn’t much activity down here, but we are talking about margarita island in the general area.If anyone has any information regarding Margarita Island I sure would appreciate it. My travel groups has been tossing this area around the last couple of years.Any information would be greatly appreciated!Thanks ;D ;D

Deputy ;D

IS that better….OMG, good thing your looking out for me cause no one else is for pete sakes!

Well HAY, no one ever claimed I had to actually KNOW how to spell to GET some where.

Think now that I fixed it anyone will reply? ;D ;D ;D

:)Sure they will, now that they know where you are talking about! :D.But ’07 is only 1/2 over so there may be folks who WILL be travelling there. I just know it won’t be us this year cuz we’re heading to Jamaica (I say with fingers and toes crossed).

But, we have plenty of time to do some more research on this destination and look at lots of pics!

It also gives the island plenty of warning to stock up on cheap beer!

Hey MON, what part? I would really rather not know where I am going until I get there, I think that would be really cool! My last trip to Jamaica I was watching this water drip down on this guys head across the isle from me as we were decending in to Montego Bay. It was just Drip Drip Dripping on his head, and I was watching him He was trying not to notice all this water dripping on his head. If it had been me I would have gotten my freaked out butt out of that seat and screamed, freaking the whole plane out I am sure, thinking the plane was falling apart. I was a little nervous myself. Whenever I think of Jamaica I think of that plane ride ;D mnnnnn ginger beer……red stripe….mnnnnnnn…mnnnnnnn Yeah I could go back again.


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