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thx Tc

wow those were very good thx not many visitors to this site hope some new ones come soon


No, there aren’t many visitors on this board, but there are lots of good reviews on Trip Advisor for the Laguna Mar. That’s where I got those links. We are also thinking of going there next winter.

No, there aren’t many visitors on this board, We are also thinking of going there next winter.

If you do head there, it would be awesome if you could post a review upon your return so there is some up to date information under reviews for Margarita Island from forum members.

Freedom Ryder 8-)………………….

We’ll be there from 16-30 December ’07. Up until earlier this year the reviews were 99% positive in all respects. However, I believe they had a few problems during refurbishment works going on this year and there have been some mixed reviews. The refurbishment works will be complete before the Xmas holidays. I am sure they will have a full hotel over Xmas and New Year and I know alot of Venezuelans from the mainland go there over Xmas holidays, so I don’t think they would risk not operating on full scale during such a busy time! I’ll post a review when we return. Despite the recent mixed reviews we are looking forward to our holiday at Laguna Mar.

Good for you, esmeralda! And we look forward to your review when you get back! Have a great trip!
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5 weeks and 3 days, we cannot wait 8-). Our last Xmas in the sun was Cuba 2 years ago. We always take lots of photos so they’ll be photos for anyone interested as well. We are going to take a couple of trips, so will let you know how they go as well. Roll on 16th December ……… ;D

Can anyone tell me whether the LTI Costa Caribe Beach hotel or the Lagunamar is better?

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Were back and we had a wonderful holiday will post a review and pictures in a couple of days, as soon as I have caught up with work
srry we had to change our dates to march 26 as soon as i get back iwill post


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