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My family and I are considering Venezuela for our next vacation, mainly because the boys want to dive in the Caribbean Sea rather than the Atlantic. We were in Cuba on 2 occasions and what I loved most was the nice dry weather. Now I look at reviews for Venezuela and some mention the humidity. That’s where I need some input from savvy travellers. Is the weather really that different from the Atlantic ocean? How bad is the humidity? Is it similar to our summers in Canada? Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I was in Margarita 2 years ago and yes it’s hot but I don’t recall humidity being a problem. As you travel the roads what appear to be trees from the air is actually cactus from ground level which tells me they don’t get a lot of moisture in any form. Actually I’ve found the weather in Cuba to be a little cool at times but that’s not the case in Margarita. Choose your hotel carefully and I wouldn’t stay at anything less than a 4*. We stayed at the LTI Costa Caribe which was actually more like a 3*. Good luck.

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