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We did not know what was really entailed in this excursion – just that we would be swimming and floating on a Catamaran. Well we were so surprised at what a great trip this was! We swam with sharks and stingrays wearing our goggles and snorkel – we didn’t know how to do this but were shown every step of the way. The swim in the ocean and seeing the sharks and rays close up was something not ever to be missed! Then we sailed on the Catamaran along the island while being served sandwiches, pineapple, and all the drinks (both alcohol and non) we could ask for. The staff were so outgoing – they kept us busy the whole time with great music and got everyone up dancing. Then we stopped at a beautiful water spot where we swam in the warm water for 30 minutes while being served drinks from the floating bar (one of our guides had trays full of drinks). All the while floating along the shore our tour guide gave us history of the island and resorts along the way. We saw and waved to other Catamarans and also saw the speed boats flying by (another excursion if you are so inclined). All in all I would suggest this to every visitor – if you don’t know what you want to do you must try this excursion. All I could give it was five stars but it deserves 10!

Don’t miss it!

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