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We booked a room in Hotel Florida, but were put in a room on the top floor of Marques de Prado Ameno without an explanation about what was happening or why. Hotel Florida and Marques de Prado Ameno are basically joined together with one reception, however, everything about Hotel Florida looks cleaner and in a better state of repair than where we ended up, however, I didn’t get to see a room in Hotel Florida. Our room in Marques de Prado Ameno was really dirty. There was thick dust over all the surfaces and the floors were also dirty, to the extent that our feet were dirty after walking into the room barefoot after a shower. The walls were marked with scrapes and dirty water and the bathroom had seen better days. We asked reception why we had been moved without an explanation, and they said that they had problems with some rooms in Hotel Florida, however, we also watched them move another guest from one room to another in Hotel Florida. We also asked for our room to be cleaned, but it did not get done, so had to ask again, this time at midnight when we came in from dinner. The housekeeper did then come to mop the floor which was much better, but overall it wasn’t a great experience.

My recommendation is to check how clean your room is at this hotel before you accept the room as afterwards, the staff aren’t that helpful.

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