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We are trying to decide to get married here in Canada and save all the running around and cost to have our information translated. Or have it done in Panama.If we can get our head around having our ceremony short and informal and treat our wedding day (April 11) in Panama as our BIG DAY.. We will be fine.

Any suggestions?

Our daughter and son in law did this – had an absolute barebones legal ceremony – just them and the witnesses at the Marriage Commissioner’s house – did only what was legally required – they didn’t even kiss (much to the commissioner’s distress) and then put it out of their minds. Their wedding day and subsequent anniversaries will always be the day they said their vows in the Dominican Republic. Nobody (not one of the 60 guests knew and once they did nobody cared – they came to see the wedding, the promises and the marriage and that’s what happened in the DR. It certainly cut down on the stress and arrangements and in the end on the fees.

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