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Taxi fare from the airport was twenty-five dollars. Check-in was efficient. Beautiful ‘new age’lobby. Could pass for Tahitian. Respectful clientele. Rooms: Rooms were large and well fitted. Plenty of area to both unpack your belongings while enjoying sufficient ‘living space’. One has to give adequate thought to your room assignment when checking in- rooms on the lower floors tend to get noisy and other specfic rooms also have their particular issues- we awere assigned a room immediately beneath the salon/ hospitality area of the upper most Tradewinds floor. Those on the upper floor receive access to a hospitality suite for drinks and breakfast. Each morning we were awakened very early by the high heels of the ladies setting out breakfast and coffee in the hospitality suite. Take my advice, avoid that specific room assignment. Also, as usual, avoid rooms near the elevators. Restaurants and Bars: All restaurants, in the hotel and out, serve quality meals- very pricy as we have come to expect in Aruba. LaVista was certaily very good, albeit near empty. High’s steakhouse was not worth the hype. My son loved the Mudslides at the pool bar. Part of the enjoyment in visiting Aruba is the evening meal and stroll to and from the local restaurants in the high rise area. Consequently, try not to place to much emphasis on the eating establishments in the hotel. Beach/Pools/Grounds: Their one pool was lagoon style. It was large enough but certainly not spacious. Very sanitary. All guests seemed very friendly and respectful. However, staff did permit a small seemingly lonely group of young male twenty-somethings to float about in some morally questionable loungers. Most guests with children weren’t impressed. Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: This was not our first trip to Aruba. Tours are often very expensive. It is often better in terms of money and time management to rent a car or jeep for two or three days and to go to the various activites of your choice. Other Comments:

The Aruba Marriot is a fine hotel. In Aruba, only the Hyatt is of similar quality. I’d give the edge to the Marriot for accomodations and to the Hyatt for grounds and pool.

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