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Just starting my research into possibly staying in this area, looking for a hospital nearby in case, drinkable tap water, nice pool, doesn’t have to be right on the beach but must have access to a long stretch of beach, would be going in February, does this sound like any place you know of

Hi Will! We love the Mayan Riviera and have gone there often. Many many resorts to chose from and never been sick. The area in and around Playa del Carmen might be a good fit for you. I don’t however know off hand where the hospital is.We prefer to be a bit further south of PDC near Akumal because of the snorkeling opportunities. Catalonia Yucatan/Maya is one for you to consider. Member eloisegirl has also done several Mayan resorts so I hope she sees this and chimes in.

The best forum for information on this area is at

Thanks YVRck what are the beaches like are they long and walkable

YVRck what do you think of Tulum

YVRck what do you think of Tulum We really like the area between Tulum and Akumal! With your concern/need to be closer to medical facilities I didn’t want to suggest it as I have no idea how close the nearest hospital might be. The Tulum area is quite far south of Playa del Carmen.

Thinking of Playa del Carmen YVRck it has to the a couple of good hospitals, now to find a place with good tap water any ideas ?

I’m not aware of anywhere that has drinkable tap water in Mexico. The resorts do provide bottled water in your room though.

I’d be interested to see if anyone knows of a Mexican resort with drinkable rap water.

Bryan I heard some of the AI have but I haven’t been able to verify it, also the resorts in town are on city water according to a response I got from a resort

Thinking of Playa del Carmen YVRck it has to the a couple of good hospitals, now to find a place with good tap water any ideas ? We only use bottled water for drinking and teeth brushing when we’re in Mexico (and all other destinations for that matter!).To be honest I’m not aware of any hotel/resort that has it’s own water purification system for the entire resort water system. Resort kitchens use purified water for ice cubes and food prep. like washing salad greens. We’ve never been sick in Mexico.

YVRck one of our friends who has been to Mexico a few times told us that it was in the olding days for the bad water, last time we were in Mexico was 1990, also I have a problem with keeping my mouth shut when in the shower I think that is how I got sick in the DR in 2005

Hello will GBP Sian Kaan is one of the best resorts in Mayan Riviera with the best service ever in my opinion. Sorry but I am not sure where is the closets hospital and how far from the hotel is but I would love to go back to GBP Sian Kaan or any other GBP resort on that location.

If you insist on safe drinking water from the taps then I suggest looking at Jamaica.

If you happen to get some shower water in your mouth, as long as you spit it out you should be fine. The other option is to keep your mouth shut in the shower.

It is hard to sing under shower and keep mouth shut other option is Panama as they have drinking water in the hotels and great hospitals but Mayan Riviera has excellent beaches
Thanks Admin GBP is a bit big to our liking we went to the one in Rio San Juan and thought it was too big, Bryan, Jamaica was something we where thinking of but beach walking is our main activity and Negril doesn’t have a hospital close by (yet)also I don’t sing in the shower I hear that divorce can be nasty

We stayed at the Iberostar Quetzal in Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya. The hospital is located in town. Hospien Riviera Maya: Carretara Hwy #307 just South of Playacar.

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