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We flew with Canjet and it went very good.The plane was full and we could tell that it was gonna be a rough ride cause some people had started drinking at the airport at 5:00am in the morning so ya! The flight attendant got very impatient with some guess and the service was downward after that. This was even before we had left the gate. I put on my headphones and tuned out!

The beach was very different from what we know of Cuba but what a nice different it was. So natural, no man made there. You can walk all the way to the other resort or you can go your own way on the left side of the beach and be all alone and see the natural beauty of this beautiful place. You will certainly fall in love with the Melia Buena Vista. At the main pool, you get relaxing music until 11:00 then it gets a little more exciting but not overdone. Our bartenders were so fun and the service was to die for. If I recall the names, I think Xavier and Mario(we called him Mario Lemieux cause he looked just like him). They were great but you know, every one there was great, at the spa, at the restaurants, you name it. They struggled at the main restaurant at the beach with language barriers, they could understand anything we asked but they would run and get someone that did and go from there, please give them a chance. All our reservations were made for us at the beginning of the week. I had come prepared and had a list of the restaurants I wanted to try at the Melia Cayo Santa Maria and the Melias Las Dunas. All my arrangements were looked after and we got evryhting we wated to try. If we weren’t planning a cruise for this coming winter and Las Vegas this August I would book this resort again for this year. I will go back and back and back. Loved it! Thanks everyone at the Melia Buena Vista for a great vacation.

Room Block:
Block 24

Arrival: We got to Santa Clara on time and check in and customs went very well. The bus was waiting and ready to head out to the MBV. A group of 22 on our bus were all going to the same resort has us and we a lot of fun. We had to stop 4 times to get beer and everyone was having a blast. What a way to start a vacation.

Once we got to the resort they weren’t used to receiving a large group like the one on our bus so things got a little hectic. We just grabed our bag we had packed in case we didn’t have our room and headed for the pool.

Rooms: Wow, just beautiful. It was all that we expected and more. Our room was ready around 4:00 in the afternoon and it was sooooo beautiful and big, lots of space to everything. We had an ocean view and were close to everything. We had rhum, whisky and vodka bottles in our room, coffee machine. We had puchased a 40ozer of Bailers at the airport so we were all set for our early morning treats. We were worried about where we would have supper cause this resort is all a la carte and you can go to all the other Melia’s for supper with reservations you make with your buttler but we didn’t know what would happen for us on the first day. No worries there, we had a knock on our door, of course it was our buttler(Geraldo or Edwardo, can’t remember) to advised us that he had made reservations for us at the MBV French restaurant for 8:00 and we didn’t have to worry about anything. Him and Lucas were our Buttlers all week and they were so amazing. If you think of going to this resort and not tip, you will feel very bad about yourself when you leave. This place is just amazing for the service. They all tried so hard to help us and make us happy.

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