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May 2002

We were travelling to Cancun for a conference that was held in April 30-May 5, 2001. This review has taken me a year to write as the trip was the worst we have ever had. We arrived around 2:00pm in the afternoon at the Melia and at first site we thought the hotel was lovely. We went up to reception and no one acknowledged us for at least 5 minutes. FInally, someone came over to us and we registered only to be told our room was not ready. We stood at the counter for a few minutes as our desk clerk disappeared, when she came back she went over to help other people so sat down in the reception area to wait. No one from the hotel came over to us or offered us anything to drink after our long flight there so we were a little disappointed. We finally were called to the reception desk and given two cards for our room and were told we could go up. The first thing we noticed was how damp and muggy it was inside the hotel, it even smelled musty. We got to our room and neither of our card keys would work. So my husband went down to the reception and after 1/2 an hour they sent someone up with a card to open the door, yep, theirs wouldn’t work either. So they had to go down and get security to open our room with their keys, and finally, we got into our room an hour and a half after being given our cards. This card problem plagued us for the first 3 days we were there until someone finally figured out that the batteries were not working in the card lock on the door. The room was clean and pleasant and overlooked the lagoon. There were 2 complimentary bottles of water in the room and a mini bar, but anything taken out of the mini bar cost a fortune.

The pool was large and split into two with a walkway in the middle. There was a great swim up bar that served delicious drinks, if you could interrupt the bartenders conversation long enough to serve you. There were no activities going on at this hotel, one could play volleyball, but there weren’t many people interested in it so nothing really materialized. I went to the gym a few days but there didn’t seem to be any air conditioning, only a fan and it was too hot for any long workouts. It also smelled really musty and moldy and one could hardly breathe. They would lock up the doors leading to the beach by 8:00pm at night so if you wandered outside from another door you could not get in and had to walk all the way around to the front or find a door on the side to get back into the hotel. Also, you were not allowed to swim in the pool after 8:00pm. So much for an evening dip!!!

Now for the food, it was awful!!! I have been to quite a few different resorts both all inclusive and non inclusive and this was by far the worst. The food was drab, had no flavor and they seemed to keep all the pastries that weren’t eaten the day before and put them back out as they were so dry. It seemed about every few days we got fresh pastries. We ate in La Perla one evening hoping to have a good meal, I ordered the prawns only to spit them out as they seemed to be soaked in bleach. When I complained to the waiter he looked at me dumbfounded and didn’t even take them away or offer me anything else. Plus, they still charged us for the uneated food. My mouth tasted like bleach for 2 days. We were very careful with the food and water, and still managed to both come down with Montezuma’s revenge. We would tip the bartenders and wait staff but never received any extra treatment or kindness. We even tipped out room attendant everyday and left notes for her for extra water, but that never happened either. We also heard of other guests receiving extra water in their rooms and beautiful swans, etc, on their bed, we never did see that either.

One morning we were woken up to someone entering our room at 5:30am in the morning. They just waltzed right in and when they realized there were people sleeping in the room they quickly left with no apology. We complained to the front desk and they assured us that they would let us know who it was and why they had a key to enter our room. We called a few more times and still heard nothing.

The worst part was my family was trying to contact us for an emergency at home for 2 days. They finally got through on the 3rd day and when I asked them why they couldn’t get through they were told by the front desk that we were not even registered. It was a nightmare!!!!!

The last night we were there, we had so much happen to us with rude staff, horrible food, lousy weather, that we were anticipating a good nights sleep and a quick getaway, even if it meant sitting at the airport for 5 hours we didn’t care. About 1:30am in the morning we were awoken, coughing, to the smell of mold in our room. This was coming from the air conditioning and was so strong that we had to open the balcony door and go outside for fresh air. That didn’t help as it had been raining all day and it was very muggy and hot, so needless to say we did not recieve any sleep that night. We had asked the front desk to have someone at our room at 10:30am to pick up our bags so we could leave for the airport. Well, guess what, they never showed up. We called 3 times until finally someone showed up to take our bags. We could not wait to get out of there as we had the worst service and the rudest hotel people I have ever had to deal with. There was so much more that happened to us at this hotel, but I think I could write a novel here so I will stop. The main thing is that I would not recommend this hotel to anyone, it is not a 5 star hotel. Sure the grounds are lovely and well maintained, but the staff are rude, the food was awful and with no nightly activities the place was boring.

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