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hi, we are writing about our honeymoon trip taken from sept 25th to oct 2nd from toronto to the melia cayo coco cuba. well, upon doing tons of research on sites like this one which was a great help, we decided that for the money , this was definately the better one. i had been to cayo coco, 8 years ago, and remembered it was nice. ok, so , considering that my husband and i’s last trp was to the GRAND ST LUCIAN in st lucia ( amazing!!!!!!!!!!, but very very expensive…) , we were only set up for disappointment. our flight on Cubana, was surprisingly pleasant! when we arrived, customs was a breeze, and the ride to the resort is very short. upon check in, ( no champagne ) we were told we DID get our lagoon room, but on the second floor. we weren’t happy because we wanted a ground level one. oh well, so the porter escorts us to our room, and we ask him if there are any gorund levels availible, and he then stops a maid and asks her, and she points to one, and he sets us up in there! easy as that! this was not the last time we would be proven that the reception desk is a little slack and actually very non chalant to say the least. so we were pretty impressed with the room, as the lagoon view makes you feel as if you were by a lake, with a perfect view of the sunsetting.( rm 2212) once you get passed the swampy smell of the water, it is quite pleasant. tons of jellyfish, oh, and mosquitos! BRING REPELLANT!! We received a bottle of sparkling wine and some fruit as a honeymoon gift, but only realized on our last day that we were offered a private dinner for two!!! so remember, read all your info !!! we missed out on that one…!

we were expecting a FABULOUS beach… well, it was great i guess, but tons of seaweed, etc was in the water and washed ashore because we had arrived basically after a storm. there was only one or two days when the ocean was clear and calm. the other days, there was a lot of sea debris floating around. it rained like clockwork around noon, after watching the black clouds rolling in for about an hour, and continued to rain or drizzle for a little while. at night it rained all the time. some nghts there were fabulous lightning storms, which were great to watch from our deck.

Food: now the food…… the buffet was soooo disappointing, but we were prepared for it as we had read many reviews stating this. about half way through the week you learn HOW to eat at the buffet. like, for breakfast, go immediatly to the guys making crepes , and eggs, any style. get some cheese and toast from the buffet and make an egg sandwich with some crepes on the side! the other 3 restaurants were actually good. the service was great, and the food was pretty good considering…! the pool tapas bar was our savior for the first few days, as we went for pizzas every lunch because the buffet was quite bad. i did have fun stealing sardines every lunch to bring to the little resident kittens just up from the buffet under their bush. they were soooo cute!

we hung out at the beach all the time and loved that it was quiet, and topless bathing is abundant, which suits me fine, as i hate tan lines!! hee hee. it was mostly british people there, and only a few canadians. we are anitisocial so we didint participate in any activities or even watch any entertainment. as it was cancelled often due to rain.

we brought a lot of candies and crayons and hair ties to give out to the staff, and would take our mini bar sof drinks and distribute them to the gardeners on our way to the beach every day. they really appreciated it. our maid made our bed up quite amusingly making swans out of our sheets and one time putting my sunglasses on the "eyes" of the swan. sometimes we tipped , and at the buffet we realized ( or coincidence??) that because we didnt tip often with money we wouldnt get any coffee, or drink service at our table!!!! (can you tell we werent happy with the buffet restaurant…?) But the staff were quite happy to recieve candies and stuff every day , and we realized that most people tip all the time, and that they must do pretty well, considering…. I just dont usually go to places where tipping is allowed or encouraged and i like that better, as the serice is more consistant that way, and you dont feel cheap because you dont have any change on you!!

Water sports:
the water sports were dissappointing. we werent aloud to take a hoby cat out on our own, and they were actually quite rude there we found. we took out a kayak for a few minutes.

lastly, DONT BUY SOUVENIRS AT THE RESORT!! we didnt know, and didnt want to risk it, so we bought all our cigars and booze and coffee at the shop, only to get to the airport to find the cigars and coffee much cheaper!!!!!

Conclusion: so, overall i know this sounds like a negative review, and i guess it isnt one of the best places i have been, and actually quite forgettable. but here are the things we did like: small resort, quiet, clean ( unlike the club med in turks and caicos where there were cocaroaches in our room!! but, the beach was AMAZING, so….), lagoon room worth it, the lagoon bar(pool tables) great service and the best pina coladas.., and the overall resort is nice, no luxury, but is well kept and romanitcally lit at night.

hope this helps, .. for the money, it is fine. i guess i am a bit of a vacation snob! happy vacationing!

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