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We just got in from our 3 night 4 day adventure. Let’s break it down.. Loved: The beach and the pool. I read some of the below reviews and do agree there were at times a smell of rotten eggs, but it seemed very contained and we avoided that one small area. The water was clear and warm, in both the pool and the ocean. Loved: The staff. Friendly and at times over excited, but very fun. We even spent two night drinking and smoking late into the night with the buffet staff. We plan to stay in touch with them. Service especially good at the buffet and bar pool. Liked: The room. Nice enough. Big bed, but it seemed like it was grainy, or dusty. Mini fridge and water not staffed as hoped, but we had a great view of the gardens and it was quiet and well air conditioned. Liked: Wildlife. Fish pond clean and well stocked, birds everywhere, and lizards of all shapes and sizes. The wild cats were cute, but unfixed and they fought a few times. They were big time mooches, but we are big time cat lovers. Meh…: The disco, the size of the drinks (too small), the plastic chairs on the decks, and the bar hours by the beach and pool, the pool hours, the impossibility of getting restaurant reservations, the cigarettes, the wine served at dinner, no water coolers/self serve water. Hated: The food. Will not ever, EVER go back because of how poor the food was. Everything tasted the same, and we assumed everything we ate was simply some synthetic food byproduct pressed into food shapes. It was absolutely disgusting. Not to mention the grill guy served me raw chicken. And who the heck deep fries a hot dog? We are foodies and this was simply atrocious bad.

What you can eat if you do go… Eggs, olives, chicken on the bone, bread, fruit, raw veggies, rice, pasta, turkey (just the dark meat), ice cream, pizza, hamburgers (just ok), french fries, pringles.

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Mid August


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Try St. Lucia or Nasau.

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