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The best holiday I have had and the best accommodation I have stayed in Varadero because it is not my first time in this city, I have been here once but this is my first time in Melia Varadero and it is worth the hype. Everything in this resort is beautiful, well maintained and I think pristine is the word I am using to describe the resort. The environment of the hotel is breathtaking and I was fortunate enough to pik this hotel. The rooms had this Cuban feel, it wasn’t modern but not in a bad way, it was clean and had everything that you could possibly need during your stay so that was what I wanted. I wanted a traditional and Cuban feel and that was what I got. My room had an ocean view that was mind blowing and I stayed on the fourth floor. The view from my room was just amazing; I can’t begin to describe how I felt when I first saw the view, the palm trees, the pool and ocean view were all amazing. The food was excellent just what you would expect from such a 5 star hotel, the buffet was something else and they had varieties, it was getting better by the minute and I loved it. The animation staff was energizing and very active, had activities in line for us to partake in. They had shows in the evening and night to complete the day, it was a great experience for me. I recommend this hotel, it is worth visiting.

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