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Heading to a destination wedding at Memories Cayo Coco this winter 2016 and we are wondering is it expected to give / bring a gift for the Bride and Groom. Is there some type of etiquette for destination weddings? I mean going there is actually a gift in its own but would like to know what others do.
I just attended a wedding in Santa Clara, and most brought cards with cash or gift cards. Pretty hard to bring anything else. Depends as well I guess as some people have a get together with family and friends who couldn’t attend as well once back home.

I feel that when you spend thousands to attend someone’s special day, that in and of itself is worth way more than some $5 card and a gift they may or may not use.

I got married in Cuba last winter and we told every guess that we didn’t expect any gifts and that we only wanted them to be with us. Still we got some cash from my wife’s parents and a gift from my mom and sisters. But the gift I preferred was a nice bottle of Havana club grand reserva my friends and brother in law gave me! I have to add that they all enjoyed it as well!

Maybe a nice bottle of rum or some good cigars would be appreciated? But personally I doubt that they would expect any gift other than your presence.

Ahhhh the voice of reason !! I will be attending a destination wedding shortly and will be more a tour guide than guest , but even without being forced to go fishing and to baseball games and into town to my favourite paladars I will do it gracefully . lolBut there should be no presents other than a card at destination weddings UNLESS you are extremely well off and feel the need to be " special " .:))


Hey ald1, contente de te retrouver!
How about a nice couple’s spa treatment or massage during their stay? Guys don’t usually go for this, but you know what they say… Happy wife, happy life!

About 2 years ago, an older bride posted on here about ideas for her destination wedding. She was having 57 guests and asked them all to donate to Cuban charities, orphanage, disabled orgs, etc. Lenny (I think they also asked for donations to JL & Marion). Ald1, not sure how old your bride & groom are, but if they have been living together for a while, perhaps they have most everything they need? I know that as I get older when Christmas comes around, I send a cheque to the recipients pet charities who send a thank you card to the recipient. It was heartwarming to hear from the newly married couple what a difference they had made in Cuba. Yeah, yeah. I know very few young newly marrieds can do that. This is just a suggestion and you can check with bride & groom if they have personal preferences as to charities that they support whether in Cuba or at home. If you know them, it should be easier for you to ask, if they are like remote friends or relatives – do what Desmei or Zendudette suggested. The gifts are more personal and (IMO) a lot more romantic.

I didn’t make a suggestion here, but I did on the TA board. That wedding guest wanted to buy the couple an excursion, but the easiest way of doing so would be cold, hard cash. I suggested she put together a gift bag of sunscreen, his and hers flipflops, new beach towels, etc. as well as the money.

As for "is a gift expected", I’d probably bet on the side of "yes", unless the couple has stated on the invitation, "NO GIFTS". Do you know the bride and groom well?

Wouldn’t surprise me in this day and age that folks having a destination wedding that cost their guests thousands of dollars to attend would also EXPECT a wedding gift .I think that the cost of attending such an event is more than enough of a gift to the newly weds and NO other gift should be expected , and if not noted on the invitation then I wouldn’t even consider attending !


I tend to agree with the articles mentioned above. If I was close enough to the couple to even attend their destination wedding I would absolutely give them a wedding gift, the same as if the wedding was at home. I wouldn’t factor in the cost of my travel to the wedding. After all, I’m still getting a vacation out of it.

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