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Overall, We had a great time in Cuba. I went from feb 25th to march 4th and I am returning in July with daugther and unlike all the others that commented bad reviews on this resort, this is the BEST Resort that I’ve been to and CAN’T WAIT TO GO BACK. All of the staff we’re very nice and friendly made a lot of friends with a lot of them and I can’t wait to go back and see them again. All I can say is that I really cannot wait to show my daughter this place. See you in julio baby.

Your Arrival:
When I arrived it was around 9:30pm at the resort and I was waiting for my mother and sister’s flight to come in, we we’re not on the same flight.So I headed out to check out what was going on at the resort to kill time, so went to see a bit of the entertainment while waiting, it was all good but a little boring by yourself so didn’t stay and it was kind’da late. Check-in was quick no complaints, then they took me to my room. The service with the shuttle buses was good. But hey, I’d rather walk anyway, lost almost 20lbs just being there for 1 week so who’s complaining NOT ME!

The rooms we’re very clean, I do admit though, that we did have to complain about getting the fridge stocked with water but other than that it was all good. Maids came in everyday to clean and when we would ask we would receive so ALL GOOD.

Restaurants and Bars:
We had the MEXICAN and Italian à la cartes and We weren’t too crazy about the Italian but Mexican was awesome, one I don’t eat that kind of food so. And ate everything in my plate it was very good. BBQ night was amazing never had such good food oh! and I forgot to mention that I’m a very picky eater too. The buffet was ok by the end of the week, yes they did run out of condiments and stuff but hey what can you expect. For those who are complaining BRING your own next time. And the Staff at the Buffet we’re so very nice too.

Beaches we’re nice and very clean, never seen such beautiful water and the pools well they speak for themselves. JUST AWESOME.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Nightly Entertainment was great, loved everynight just magnifico. Very fun pool activities staff we’re great. Everyday was amazing by the pool.

The excursions we’re very interesting very fun we we’re with NOLITOURS so we had the best from my point of view. Nolitours staff we’re amazing. Raphael and Emma. Thumbs up to them.

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