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I just left the resort La Salina in Varadero and am completely appalled. My family had spent nearly $80,000 for a lot of us to attend my brother’s wedding on the resort only to have it ruined by teenagers. There apparently was a grad trip staying at the resort through S-Trip. These were Canadian students and I am disgusted with their behaviour and ashamed to say they represented our Youth. These kids banged and kicked on our room doors at all hours in the night, woke and scared my baby twice, threw food and beer at our deck doors of multiple rooms, picked fights with other guests, including some of our party. I personally was harassed in the buffet line at a lunch BBQ, the young man was touching and taking food off my plate and then verbally assaulted my mom and I, it took two other men to help me and then after quite some time security finally removed him, only for him to find us later in the kiddie pool! Each time we called for security to assist us it took multiple calls. We complained along with many other guests in the resort and a few kids got sent home. The service from the staff was awful and completely unhelpful when trying to get any help to resolve the issue. This was supposed to be FAMILY vacation on a FAMILY resort. This was my parents 4th trip to Cuba and their second to your resort, we are repeat visitors and not one of will ever return to your resort as a result of this experience. My holiday was ruined, and it is something that can never be given back, this was my daughter’s first big trip and it was frightful for her at night. Your business needs to decide if it will cater to families or the party crowd, it can not cater to both.

I do hope your organization figures this out before it ruins any more visitors holiday.

Your Arrival:
Arrival was chaotic. After check in we sat and waited for a trolly, we have my grandmother who uses a walker and a three year old. When one finally did arrive, another guest who arrived long after we had been waiting gave the drive a tip before we even had a chance to get loaded and took it so there we were waiting again.

Rooms: They originally had us on the third floor in which my grandmother couldn’t do, so they moved us to the main floor and "forgot" to move the cot for my daughter down so she had no bed the first night (the other two were singles) the bathroom had mold and wall rot, you had to use a large wooden stool to get into the bathtub which is concerning for disabled visitors. The laundry apparently broke so we didn’t have clean towels for a couple days and were give bath mats to use instead.

The room service was excellent, had no problems with our room maid.

Restaurants and Bars: AWFUL!

The food was horrendous! Nearly everyone in our group got violently ill all on the same night. They continuously ran out of food, wine, ketchup.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Beach was always clean and the pools were very nice.

The grounds are still very young and need some time to grow, but will be very pretty once the plants mature.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: the tours were great and the bus service was fantastic. The trolly on the resort was a joke. It was 40mins late picking up the bride for the wedding!!! Which we had booked for specific time

Other Comments: The location of the wedding looks nothing like the photos they show, those are photoshop’d. I will never return to this resort nor will I ever suggest anyone try it.

Awful experience.

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