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I will report back on this one in 2 weeks. This is the furthest resort from what I was looking for with my buds from work but everyone before me has nothing but good things to say about it. We are leaving on Tuesday and have booked the Diamond Club etc etc Time to start packing but I might just leave the scuba gear at home for this one.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. This was the very first resort we went to when we started visiting Cuba, and we loved it. And while we weren’t planning on returning we were redirected there after Hurricane Sandy. If anything we thought they improved and we still had a great time. Didn’t try the Diamond Club but I’m sure it’s good. One reason why we don’t like to go to Varadero is the lack of snorkeling, so I suspect the opportunity to scuba is even more limited.

Hey Mrjarart I met you and your wife Rosiart as we were leaving RPT a couple of years ago. I saw your review and video. Nice work. This trip on Tuesday is an office getaway with the guys so I don’t expect too much time for snorkeling anyways but if I can book a scuba dive I might just give it a go depending on the logistics etc.I am back to RPT at the end of October for another visit as we really liked the resort but because of an injury I didn’t get a chance to venture out to the reef or dive the first time.

Cheers, George

Thanks. Maybe next time we meet up we’ll chat longer. We’re still hoping to get away sometime this fall but at the moment to much is happening to make a decision as to when, even with all the great deals right now (but maybe soon). Loved the RPT too. Have a great trip!


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