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The first two weeks of may we stayed for the second time in Playa de Oro. It was great for the second time. I read a lot of bad comment about the people in the lobby bar. But when you try to speak to them in Spanish it makes a big difference. This time we had a room on the 4th floor with oceanview, and it was great. The room was clean every day, and our maid mades very nice decorations with the towels and left us notes every day. The food is a bit less than last year but it is still ok, don’t forget it is Cuba!! In the animation team there were a lot of new faces for us, but the ‘old’ ones introduced us at 7pm in the lobby while we danced (as every day at 7) and from the we were ‘amigos’. But what makes my holliday to playa de oro so special is the dance-crew and the band. Every day the band is playing at the ranchon at noon, at 7pm in the lobby and from 8.30 pm to 9.30pm at the ranchon again. Sometimes they played at the beach to support the dancinglessons. All the guys from the band are great, but especially Oscar we had long conversations with hem and he is great. Because whe love salsa whe spend a lot of time with the dancers. So at 7pm we danced with them at the lobby an had fun. We took them also with us to the buffet restaurant because thats the only way they are allowed there (with guest of the hotel). After a few days the became our friends and promised to keep in touch. Barbarita ‘la loca roja’ whas as crazy as you can get, Mardelis ‘la china’ is a verry sweet girl, Omarrito has a smile from the one ear to the other and Diane that’s my buddy who teached me the secrets of salsa and son. Places to go out Hotel internatinal (international music) La mediteranio (salsa, timba, reggaeton) La rumba (mix from salsa and international)

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