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not sure

Arrival: The front desk people were professional but not overly friendly or welcoming, But all others were very friendly. I have nothing to compair it with but I really liked this resort. It was small and very easy to manover. I would definitely go here again but if I go back to Cuba I want to try different places.

Although the rooms were dated and tired, they were clean and comfortable. And I was only in them to shower and sleep. And I slept like a log. Our room wasn’t ready when we arrived but we were there early and then the room we were brought to wasn’t ready and it was one bed and my friend and I did NOT want to share a bed. lol The room comes with a large bottle of rum and water. I didn’t use Cuba water for drinking or brushing teeth, as some did. Just refill the water bottle in the bars or the main restaurant.

Restaurants and Bars:
I was told the food was not good in Cuba and it WASN’T but you will find things that are tolerable. I liked the omelets for breakfast and surprisingly the pasta wasn’t bad. I like my bacon very well cooked so I brought some to the omelet chef and asked him to cook it more for me. We brought peanut butter(thank goodness). The beach restaurant was the best place to eat. It’s open everyday for lunch and for reservation at night. I heard also it’s open all night for snacks. The pool bar had hot dogs, hamburgers and ham and cheese sandwiches. With fries. Very friendly staff. Tip well.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Mojitoes at the beach bar were great. All drinks and booze were plentiful. They’ll pour the rum or whatever till you say stop. The beach was beautiful! Lots of chairs and shade. But we went first thing in the morning 7/8 am before breakfast to place a towel on your chair. The guys that work at the beach are great. They see you looking for a spot and help you out. Tip well! Pool was great.

I found the beach very windy and I thought it a bit annoying till it wasn’t there one day and then it was TOOOO HOT. So I enjoyed the wind. 🙂 The ocean was amazing, like being in a wave pool. It was clean and you could walk far out it would get deep and then shallow.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: I was told by Friends to bring clothes and stuff you have and don’t want any more to leave for the maids. Which I did but if I go again I would do it differently. I think the maids have thee PRIME job and do quite well. We went on the jeep safari and went right into the country side where farmers live. They live in small shacks, no running water. The kids come out to wave and sweetly beg. Women holding young babies. I would bring most of my stuff there to give away. Money would be good too. ALSO went on the Habana excursion and went to a market there. There were children and one lady with 3 shoeless children begging there. I wish I’d have brought something. Stuff or money. In the lobby they had a band play every night from 7:30 to 8:30pm. It was GREAT, they encourage people to come up and learn the moves. I only wish it was longer than an hour. At 9:30 they always had a great and different show a night in the band stand.

On the beach during the day they had games to play and taught dance moves.

Other Comments:
There were A LOT of French people from Quebec.

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