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Well i read the review of people who stayed there and how they complaint about everything there. I really enjoyed my time there.The hotel staff was super nice. The waitresses remembered who you were every time you came in and got your table ready. Our waitress was Liz and she was fantastic, every morning she had my orange juice and my parents coffees ready for us. The maid left us flowers and made amazing bed designs. I enjoyed every moment. Yes they don’t speak english that well but hey they are still learning and they are nice with you. The food was amazing i never had cuban food and its nice and salty. The pool was clean and alcohol all day was amazing. They had volleyball and dance lesson everyday. We went on the catamaran and they help you figure it out. We rent a nice car for 300 for a week, we went all over the place and one of the staff members took us around town we paid him. If you leave them a tip they love you. People got to think its a poor country can’t expect 100 % like canada and the states are like. They get paid only 30 Dollars a month and they more then 5 people in a house. If your reading this be thankful for what you had. I did this trip with my parents to enjoy it. Another thing that is great is think about the people who don’t have anything, maybe leave something for them. We left our waitress 100 dollars when we left and my family and I left almost all our clothes there. So if you go there bring stuff you don’t want and just leave it for them. Enjoy your trip there cause i sure did this is my 3rd years in this hotel , and going again. I didn’t like the other hotels i went too they were poor looking compare to this one.

Room Number:

Room Block:
2 building

Kinda bad, we had to wait in the airport for 3 hours to get our bags and it was super warm in there. But they you get on a bus with a tour guide and they speak english and show you around

We read the review about cockroaches so we know about that we slept with the light on and we never seen a bug since we were there. They don’t like the light. But the beds are nice and the washroom is beautiful. They give you 4 Towels and if you need a new one you can tell them. They come make your bed every morning and then on top of that they leave you flowers and nice things.

Restaurants and Bars:
I love the food it was different, Im not there to et american food, I’m there to try new kinds of food. But they still had a buffet a supper time. They have 4 restaurant one at the beach it was cuban food, one by the pool who was italian , a buffet and the internation it was classy

Beach was beautiful walking on it and watching the sunset, The pool was nice they have activite duren the day in the water and they play music, Sometimes they have water shows it was like cirque du soleil but in the water it was amazing.

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