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I know that in these times of "Political Correctness" it isn’t very cool to wish "certain people" a Merry Christmas", but I am sorry folks, Jake is from the "old school" where it is still alright to do so."MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO…..!Let’s all take a moment and remember those who are "away or no longer with us", as they chose to defend our rights to freedom………as a wise man once said "if you don’t want to stand behind our soldiers, feel free to stand in front of them". We all have our own opinion on the ideas of war, but for a brief moment, we should all join together and think of those who defend us on a daily basis…… they are people too.

Jake, eh

Thanks eh, you know me girl, I’ll be giving the old "snap-on-liver" a run for its money over the holidays :P. I want to make sure everything is in tip top shape for April. Looking forward to seeing you on the 27th…..or before if need be ;).Give the old guy a nudge for me, see ya soon.

Jake, eh

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