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Can somebody tell my how to post pictures on this board?? I’m done my message in a bottle invitation and I would like to show you guys the final product…. For people who are interested in doing them, you could see what it looks like…

This is a test.. I’m trying to post the picture of my bottle…. Does it work??


hum??? didn’t work… another try…"Photobucket"

It certainly does work and WOW, they look awesome. Great job, your guests will love them.

Ok I thing it worked now… Thanks Booklady6635 for showing me how to do it………………


I never visit this forum, but I must say: I was intrigued by your "Message in a Bottle" subject line. I gather you have made these as invitations to your wedding? Unique!! But, how do you plan to get them to your guests? They look like they must be kept upright, etc.

Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks. And btw, congrats on your upcoming nuptials! Where will the wedding take place?


Hi Northgal,

I delivered the bottles to everybody on the weekend…. I only gave one to the guest thats are coming with us on the trip. So I only had 20 bottles to give out…. It wasn’t too long…. And the bottles don’t have to stay up…. The bottom that looks like water is candle gel and it doesn’t move…. Well….. I guess if you turn the bottle upside down for a month it might fall down, but it’s pretty stuck there….My guests just LOVED the idea… They were sooooo impressed………. they say it’s a really nice souvenir from the wedding. (We are getting married at Iberostar Varadero in April 08)

Thanks, cubagirl, for the explanation!

If we ever thought we’d be returning to Varadero, the I.V. is one of the places we’d look into!! Have a fantastic wedding….it’s coming soon.


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