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Mexico – Readers Travel Tips

Eric Olson – Cancun

We have been to Cancun before and have also traveled to Ixtapa, Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), Liberia (Costa Rica), and throughout the Florida Keys. Contrary to other reviews, we will never return to Cancun. (The review posted on this site refers to 50 cent travel on the bus system which hasn’t been true for over three years. That review is quite dated.)

The prices are not reasonable. In fact, it was cheaper to eat and drink in New York City than Cancun. (Sounds crazy, but its true.) The water is beautiful, that’s true, but the beaches have limited access and some areas have no beaches at all-cliffs and sharp rocks.

If you are looking for a place to "get away from it all," Cancun is NOT that place. It is a big city with all the big city amenities-gas/diesel fumes, extremely pushy vendors, and the ubiquitous background rumble of construction and traffic.

We were looking for a place to party half the time, and take it easy the other half. Cancun is no longer that place-it is only a place to party. And if you go to party, bring several credit cards. Its going to cost you.


Morris – Cancun

We have been to Aruba, Paradise Island, Bahamas, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Negril, Jamaica but our favorite location still remains Cancun, Mexico. We love the people, the reasonable prices, the choices or things to do and see, the powdery beaches and most of all the turquoise blue water. We have just returned from our 8th trip and can’t wait to return. There were 5 of us traveling together, we stayed at the Royal Caribbean, a top notch time share resort that rents out 2 BR/2Bath condos to non-timeshare travels and all units face the Caribbean. There are many other great resorts and hotels on the small island, too. Travel on the bus system anywhere in the hotel zone is a mere 50 cents, we have always felt safe to venture around. You can do day trips to the Mayan Ruins if this is your thing, or to many snorkeling destinations or to neighboring islands like Cozumel. American money is widely accepted, English is spoken freely and lots of sunshine year-round. Some visitors complain about McDonalds and the other many fast food "joints", the bowling alley, several malls, and even Wal-Mart! because they don’t feel like they are really in a tropical island. We can visit Wal-Mart any day at home and simply avoid these stops while out-and-about. We do, however, enjoy the beauty of the island and friendly people of Cancun!


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Last updated January 15, 2003

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