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Our party went fishing multiple days with Mike’s Marina charters. Unlike many places we’ve been, most charters in Dominican Republic were for only 4 hours (we’re used to "day" trips- basically, bet at the boat at 0630 or earlier and get back to shore around 1600 local). We opted for a longer trip (7 hours) and Mike’s readily obliged. Both boats we ended up on for different days were well-suited for the trips and every time at least one of the crew spoke passable English.

This was all good, but the reason for the rating is the practices of the crews relating to bill/sport fish. The best practice is for fish of this nature (marlins, sails, etc) to be released and allowed to grow and reproduce. These fish are not the best types for eating, therefore there is typically little reason to keep them, anyways. However, we were told by one of the captains who we rode with that at Mike’s, they typically only release fish during tournaments. The few marlins that we caught were all gaffed and kept by the crew; we assume that they probably keep and sell them later for higher profits, but are unsure as we did not want to keep the fish. This is unacceptable.

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