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Can anyone tell me if they’ve seen [glow=red,2,300]Miller Lite [/glow] in Bottles or Cans (not draft) in the Carribean? Even in stores. We are looking for an all inclusive and it has to have Miller Lite. A tolerable substitute for my DH would be Bud Lite but Miller Lite would definitely make our vacation possible. We’ve been looking at 3.5 to 5 stars hotels. I think I want to stay between 1,500 and 2,300 per person.
Thank you SO MUCH for your help and hope I can return the favor in the future…..Artressa

If my memory serves me correctly a few months ago in Debbies Dominican Forum the question about Bud beer was asked. If you go into that forum and ask that question I’m sure you will get a very quick answer

Is Miller Lite or Bud real beer or soap water LOL

Most beer in the Caribbean is MUCH better then US brands

I have to 2nd that!My question would be…have you tried any foreign beers to see how they hit your taste buds?You may find them to taste quite better than miller lite.Good luck in your quest.


While we are on the topic, anyone know if any 5-star resorts serve Boones Farm Strawberry Hill wine? (Just kidding!!!)

I guess to each their own. If you have any other criteria for a great vacation spot, please let us know and you will probably get more serious suggestions back…

Nothing wrong with a good bottle of Boone’s…right on!

Out our way we have "Lonesome Charlie", it’s a 6-pack of pint bottles of wine, all different flavours too. You finish that off and you become lonesome real quick.
Then we have the goodest of them all "Chipmans Golden Glow" (apple cider with a kick). I used to work after school in the plant that made it and every Thursday night as we left work, there was a gallon for each of us sitting on a picnic table by the door….gee thanks boss.

To go on tropical vacation and drink watered down American beer? No, Thanks!

HEY!! you leave my beer out of this!! heh heh.

I happen to drink a very tastie dark lager, that is far from watered down, and comes from one of the best small town breweries ever.Deputy ;D ;D

counting down days until free flowing corona.

You forgot to say "when I drink", remember, no drinking until…….oh yeah it was today wasn’t it. I guess you kind of cleared the radar with that one :D. Then again, when it comes to the Deputy and her "Snap-On-Liver" everyday can be The Day ;D

We drank Miller Lite during our stay at the Iberostar Grand. They have pretty much any beer you can imagine (in a can!).

I don’t know why anyone would care what sort of beer you do or don’t drink on your vacation. To each his own right?!

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