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Mirador de Mayabe  

Alturas de Mayabe, Km 8, Holguín, Cuba

"its a quiet place"
Posted by: abbey on Jul 5, 2014
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It’s a beautiful and incredibly quiet place to go chill while on vacation in Holguin, Cuba. Although I had some few negative things but let me start from the positive just so you know that this review isn’t biased. It is a quiet resort if you are into that kind of environment; this is the best place for you. The rooms are nice and spacious with beautiful ocean views and the grounds are clean and very beautiful. It is charming but the pool is always almost overrun by guests. The staff was great both those at the reception and the entire hotel both at the bar, there were all very helpful to the best of their abilities. The food here was very fresh and very tasty as well but they were also basic compared to some hotels I have been to in Cuba as it is not my first time visiting Cuba so I know what to expect. The bar didn’t cost much as a matter of fact it is the cheapest I have seen in Cuba hotels and the price rate generally in this hotel is very reasonable. The most annoying negative thing that happened was that the AC in my room didn’t work even after it was fixed. The hotel has a spectacular view with the nice open thatched roofs and all of that including the lobby. If you want high quality everything, this is not the place for you but if you don’t mind a few turn over then it’s the perfect place.

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