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Calle 23 Final, San Diego de los Baños, Los Palacios, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

"dirty bathrooms"
Posted by: duncan on Jul 4, 2014
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I read reviews online before going ahead to use this hotel s my accommodation choice during my travel to Cuba and I have to say that I should have listened to the reviews and not get myself into this horrible experience. First of all, the place is not even clean; it is an unclean place for a hotel even for a Cuban standard. The rooms were dirty, the towels and bed sheets looked liked they haven’t be washed or dry cleaned for quite some time which was very gross. You would have thought that the bathrooms would have been clean to compensate but it wasn’t either, it was really bad. There were just too many locals at this hotel and it was interfering with calmness and tranquility I planned on enjoying as soon as I arrived. The bar was expensive for a Cuban standard and it was filled with locals who were rather disturbing and I am not being cruel or anything like that. The pool was a nice getaway but was also mostly occupied by locals so I didn’t even have much time to really get used to the place, I checked out after 2 days and went ahead to another hotel close by for a better experience. The area or environment is also boring, there is nothing there to do so I think it was part of the reason I left. The staffs were nice and friendly but that wasn’t enough to help the situation. I do not recommend it for travelers.

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