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Buenos dias to everyone…first time on this board….I am a Cuba junky….My daughter is off to San Andres next week……what type of currency should she bring…….also she will be there for one week….how much should she bring…..are things expensive down there…..I know that they want to do at least one excursion….Gracias to all for helping me out……loulou

The excursions are quite moderately priced, in comparison to other islands ($25-60USD) depending on what it is she wants to do. Stuff down there is pretty cheap, again, depending on what it is she’s looking to spend her $ on. American currency would be easiest.

loulou you should forget Cuba and the bad food that goes with it and try a trip to Cartagena on mainland Columbia. Go Travel Direct has packages from Ottawa at very reasonable prices. The hotels and quality of food are way above average. I’ve been to Cuba a couple of times but will never return after going to Panama and Columbia.

I was in San Andres last December – it’s such a wonderful place! My Boyfriend actually asked me to marry him while we were there Perfect setting.I found things to be really cheap there (coffee, rum and vanilla extract). I took money out from bank machines there and had little trouble (you just have to find the correct machine, once you do – it’s just like taking money out at home!) I probably took about $50 us with me and took out another $100 there (I think I still have some left over!) Then again it all depends on what you want to buy.Tip: when shopping with Credit cards some places will charge you extra for using a card.Everything in US bills. Don’t tip in Canadian money, it’s very hard for them to change it there, we changed some since we’ll end up using it anyways, but some staff actually looked for us to change their Canadian money.Tell your daughter to have fun! I’m sure she will!


Is there a departure tax?

Will the prices go down much for January trips?

Yes there is a departure tax, around $30 US each.You will find that prices for any trip will go down but you have to check daily, they will go down gradually, then be back at original prices the closer it gets to when you want to leave.Do the usual, If you do not want to use the bank machines, bring small US bills, lots of ones for tipping and then no bigger then a $20 bill for purchases, it is easier for them to make change for you and to get converted to colombia pesos.

I have book my trip to san andres for March, and the departure tax was included in the price of the package. I believe that they always make it now…

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