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I am heading back to Panama (which my husband now calls my second home) in September. I am very excited. I really, really enjoy my time there. Anyone else heading to Panama in September. We will be staying in the city some with my friend, then heading out to Decameron.I haven’t posted in a while because it has been very busy at my house but I do check on the board when I can. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying there vacations, wherever they may be.Veronica
Hi Veronica:

Lucky you.

There are some sell-offs to Decameron going on now, departing out of Toronto. I know for a fact last weekend, this weekend and next. Would love to grab one of them but have some prior commitments.

Will be keeping an eye and see how long this is going on. My husband doesn’t have booked time off in September, but is owed a week. Hmmm. So who knows. I am just itching to go back there……really bad. Perhaps if not soon, then in the winter months.


Hi Bebbie…ditto…we have been soooooooo tempted to take advantage of the deals out there right now. For a few hours last week, the Decameron went down to $297 for a TO departure today….yes you read that right….plus the $200 taxes. Like you, we have some other committments right now and work has been very hectic for both of us…we’re also both waiting hopefully and patiently for promotion news…the timing is just all wrong for us….and yet the deals are sooo ridiculously cheap! arrrrgh!! Even people who can’t afford to travel normally could dive into these deals…they’re everywhere!!

I hope you find your way back to the place you love so much, and I hope WE finally get to experience it….real soon!

Have fun Veronica…when exactly in September are you travelling to Panama?

Sunluvr: Why oh why?!? Just isn’t fair. *running into the sunset, arms waving in the air screaming arrrrgh!!*Come h*ll or high water, we will be going back…….eventually. Perhaps to retire?????Bebbie
We fly out from Cincinnati on Sept 16th and then return on Oct 3rd. I can’t wait. Only 12 weeks from today!!!!!You guys seem to be getting some really good deals. They don’t even advertise the Decameron (or really any Panamanian resort) here in the US. Which is fine with me, I like it to be my own little secret (for now at least).Hope you guys get to make it back to Panama soon.


We are going back on July 16 for 2 weeks. Less than a month. I can hardly wait. I would like to retire there also, Bebbie, but I don’t know how hard it would be to leave the kids. We’ll have to see when the time comes.LS

We just returned from Costa Rica and love Central America! Looking to book the Decameron the last week of July or first week of August if the prices remain the way they have been! What’s the weather like that time of year? Also, how’s the driving there? We would like to rent a car for the week and explore the rainforest and the city! Thanks!!!

Retirement in a hot tropical climate…..sounds rough! Where do I sign up? My mother is trying to talk me into property in Hawaii…but my heart is on another island at this time Here’s the site I watch religiously folks:
We just returned from Costa Rica and love Central America! Looking to book the Decameron the last week of July or first week of August if the prices remain the way they have been! What’s the weather like that time of year? Also, how’s the driving there? We would like to rent a car for the week and explore the rainforest and the city! Thanks!!!

Id take the bus to the resort then rent a car there….but overall its not too bad driving…it is a spanish country and they do drive a bit more…um…aggressively?

I agree with Waterloo. The driving in the city is very agressive compared to what I am used to. After you get outside the city its not too bad. As far as the weather, it is rainy season but at the resort you don’t have too much to worry about because of where it is located it doesn’t get too much rain. If you are exploring other parts of the country, you probably will have to deal with some rain.


Thanks for the replies, I was going to rent from the airport as you seem to be able to get way better pricing and a better selection of automatic vehicles, but if the driving is that crazy in P.C. we may opt not to. However I didn’t find the driving nearly as bad in Costa Rica as in Toronto! How far is it to Gamboa from the Decameron? Thanks. Also Bocas Del Toro – how far is that?

DO you think that Panama will be a weekend departure this Winter instead of the Monday departure?

Hey, how are you doing Koz? We will just have to wait and see what they come out with. Are you and the Mrs. thinking of going back if it fits your schedule? We are contemplating going back.

Waiting for the winter books to come out.

I am heading back to Panama again on Sept. 24th..I was there July 9th to 16th , May 21st to May 28th and last Nov. for two weeks . I like to use the Decameron as a base to look for a place to move to in Panama .

Goimgtopanama- looks like we will be a Decameron some of the same time in Sept. Also looks like you like Panama as much as I do- 4 trips since last May?- I have my husband talked into going every six months but I am going to have to do better to keep up with you.
Koz: I checked on the Nolitours website – looks like they are departing on Mondays in the new year.


Hey Veronica,I’m leaving on Sept 17 with my family. Our first time there. Can’t wait to go. I’ve read alot of your postings and I’m really looking forward to seeing it for myself. Sounds like an amazing place.


imhere (Judy). How long will you be a Decameron? We actually don’t arrive at the resort til 9/19 and are staying for 2 weeks.


Hi there V,We’re staying for a week (17-24). I’ll be the one with the adorable curly haired blonde (my 2 year old daughter, not my husband), my 8 year old and my husband. Hope to see you there. Drinks are on me ;DHave you been to Panama in September? Just wondering what kind of weather to expect. Is it basically the same year round?I am so looking forward to this trip! The Decameron sounds awesome!!


I have been in Sept (actually was stranded in Panama when the Sept 11th attacks took place), Oct and Nov. Even though this is rainy season, it doesn’t really affect Decameron like the city. It is in an area that does not get as much rain and is sunny most of the time. Even if it does rain, its not for a long time (although we did have one really, really hard rain last Nov- but we just kept playing volleyball right through it).
I love Decameron (this is my 7th time to the resort). My husband and I spend most of our time on the beach in front of the Atlantis restaurant near the activities hut. We love to play volleyball so we usually try to find a nice spot not to far from the court so we can play (or watch if we lose). You may see (or hear) us as there are not too many people from Kentucky at Decameron. Thanks for the drinks offer If you have any more questions feel free to ask.


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