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When my parter and I decided to marry, we had a difficult task ahead, since there are only a few places in the world where same sex marriages are allowed. We’ve planned for a while to have our wedding somewhere nice and warm and among other options we considered Mexico. Someone told us Los Cabos is a great area for such events so after a few months of asking around we’ve come up with which are relatively new on the market, but after talking with them, they seemed the nicest and more to the point than the more renowned ones. To my surprise, none of the others were offering ceremonies for same sex partners and in some occassions I got the impression they became very cold to me when I mentioned I was a lesbian. But myweddingincabo were great, they offered us full package (transportation, accommodation, flowers, ceremony, food, music and a tour of to Todos Santos and La Paz, for a very convenient price. We loved it and that’s why we would like to recommend this link to anyone interested out there.
Debbie and Julie

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