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If you are used to Club Med, then this place is NOT for you. Not fancy-schmancy, but still nice. Beautiful grounds and foliage, big rooms with nice balconies, great small beach. My son is 11, so we didn’t NEED the nanny service, but it came in handy a few times (Ask for Aneisha, she is GREAT!). Most kids and kid activities were for younger kids, 8 and younger. My son had a good time, but we won’t go back because of his age. Our room was in the middle of two rooms with babies, so we were awake all night with crying kids. If you have a baby, you are used to that, but we weren’t. Food was a nice mix of N. American and Jamaican. My son is a PICKY eater, and he found something to eat every meal. With the economy/fewer travellers, some activities were cancelled or had a fee. Only 1 specialty restaurant and the buffet. We brought our own beach toys/games and we were glad we did, and we left them there. Big room; hard bed. Water pressure/temperature is hit and miss. If you want to do any excersions, $150 travel fee to Ocho Rios, but if you have smaller kids, there is enough to do on the resort. BRING BUG SPRAY! Plan on tipping your nanny at least $10 a day when you leave, and the nannies will try to get you to hire them in the evenings. Nannies show up at 9am, and will want to eat breakfast with you. Bring plain white shirts for tie-dying. Bring water shoes for the pool, because the surface is rough and my son ended up with bloody toes. More than we expected for service/resort, less than we expected for activities.

Your Arrival:
Not as organized as some resorts, but everyone is helpful. Remember…Island Time!

Big and clean. Hard bed. Water pressure and temperature is hit and miss. Nice balconies.

Restaurants and Bars:
The buffet, the snack bar and 1 restaurant only. The others are closed.

Great pool and beach. Bring water shows for the pool for the kids; rough surface.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Fewer activities than advertised, and some charge a fee. Ocho Rios is a good hour away, so excersions there have a high transportation charge.

Other Comments:
Aneisha is a GREAT nanny! The perfect place for families with young kids! Plan on tipping your nanny at least $10 a day before you leave.

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