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This is a nice place in Zona Colonial, excellent location by the way, I had a great time at this resort, will definitely come back here again. I loved the place because it’s a little hotel with just about 11 rooms if I am not mistaken; the fact that there were not much people during my stay was pretty cool for me. The hotel is not far from the main square, it is just one block away so strolling there most afternoons was basically my hobby. The owners are really nice people, they are Haitian and they are multilingual as well, communication was never a problem as understood and spoke the basic languages that most tourists speak which includes Spanish, English and French. They are so welcoming and accommodating, they made the place feel like home. The rooms had comfortable bed but the room wasn’t lush but had TV and other amenities to make your stay comfortable. There are coffee tables and chairs just outside the rooms, nice spots to hang out in out there. Breakfast is included in your price and during your stay here. I love the location of the hotel, very close to all the major sites in the area. The price is very reasonable, they made it affordable. The staff will help you out whenever you needed it including when you need to get a taxi. The place was really clean for a small hotel so you shouldn’t be scared of cleanliness. In summary, I will come back.

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