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Hi guys,As previously mentioned in an earlier thread we are getting married at PP Sept 2007. I’ve emailed guest relations regards info about wedding/docs needed & if docs need translating and also enquired about dates not available to marry upon but as yet had no reply from them (which is unusual as prior to hols this year had quick response from them).Any way does anyone have the email address for Yaly the wedding co-ordinator at PP so I can liaise with her? I’m wanting to book the wedding with them ASAP so then I can start doing all the other stuff I need to like save the date cards, invites for family and arrange a return party for those not coming (I know I could be starting this now but want to put my mind at rest that wedding is booked!!) Also can anyone tell me how much it is booking direct with PP, when we were there it was 800CUC all in, just wondering if this has changed at all.Thanks very much for any helpHayley


Hi Hayley, not sure if anyone gave you this info yet, but the contact info I got for PP wedding coordinators from another forum was:

[email protected] and [email protected]

I think the second one is the best one to use. I hope that helps you. I am also thinking of getting married at this resort in October 2007, so any info you get would be greatly appreciated.


Hi im getting Married there May 2007 – If you want PM me and I can let you know what I have found out so far – Thay have been quick to reply from my experience, the email antha gave you is the one I use.The price of the wedding is 800CUC or 1000CDN so I can confirm that has not changed.

Good luck – Let us all know if you find out any good information

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