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Hi. We are thinking of taking our 1st trip to Barbados & I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what it would cost, per day, for 2 people to eat there? One of us is a light drinker, the other doesn’t drink at all. We like to eat good food & really like to try authentic stuff, but probably wouldn’t go to any extremely high priced places. Whatta ya think??
Thanks in advance.
Hi: We have been to Barbados 7 times and always go in early December and we love it. You have to go to Oistins on Friday night for the fish fry….lots of venders selling all kinds of fish (flying fish the local fish) chicken etc. Music and you can have a dance at Lexie’s Bar while you are at it.We stay across from Rockley Beach at the Southern Surf Beach Apartments and next door is Berts Bar (which was closed for renovations unfortunately when we were there early Dec.) It was to open in early Jan. and they have great burgers etc. and I heard that they will be offering Montreal smoked meat..It is owned by a Canadian. We also eat at the Gap where there is all kinds of places to eat..We have eaten at The Ship’s Inn, you can have their buffet or a-la-carte. For a McDonalds type place it is called Chevette and they are all over the island.We shop for groceries at The Big B where they have a lot of presidents choice products. You have to try Banks Beer it soooo smooth.Have fun….you will love it!!!!!!

hi there,
well it depends where and what to eat, just came back and it was our 3 visits and WE we’re surprise how much the price went UP :-/, it got expensive alots, we went to the restaurant OPA for 2 it cost us 190.00$ bd, 2 beer+ 2 pina colada and food nothing to expensive we took belive me the food was very good, but it is very$$$, a bought a bikini the cheapest 140.00$, ok barbados $$, we went almost brock( sorry for my spelling i’m french) take a room with a stove and fridge and do some shopping at the market, and cook it will cost you less, belive me. so with that have a good trip…

Hey there…just read through your posting and thought I could add some enlightening information (of sorts)…I’ve been to Barbados on MANY occasions, and most recently, returned from a Christmas vacation there on Dec 30th, 2005. Not sure whether you will be staying at a resort that has food available, or whether you will be using a hotel room w/kitchenette etc. If you have access to make your own food, that would be highly recommended! Beachlover mentioned that they went to OPA for dinner…that is one of the higher priced restaurants. For cheaper food, you’ll have to stick to local pubs/food spots (which are plentiful)…OISTINS is an ideal night out for dinner, although the night to go there is Friday. You can get relatively cheap food at the pubs/restaurants @ the Gap. McBrides and Cafe Sol would be just two of such places. Other than that, grocery shopping on the island is still relatively expensive. My brother and I spent about $100USD for a few days of food. You can also cut costs by buying produce/breads from locals that set up shop along some roads. BUT BUYER BEWARE because just like anywhere you go, you can get ripped off. If you will have access to a kichenette/kitchen, I would recommend that you bring condiments/salad dressing etc from home. It may sound like a bit of an inconvenience, but it will save you a chunk! Again, you don’t have to take apply any of my suggestions if money is no object, but since you’re asking for ideas…there they are~!

Happy travelling…you will absolutely LOVE barbados…I can guarantee it! ;D

I’m an oversaes-based Bajan, and whenever I go home on vacation I make sure I stay at hotels or accommodations with kithenettes. The reason? I need the fridge and stove/microwave to save money.I look for the small food vans that service the workers – hotels, taxis, construction, whetever – and buy local food from them at around US$ per person per meal. Usually one meal serves two people or two meals, they are usually that big on portions, so that’s why I need a refrigerator to keep them cool and a stove/microwave to heat them up.That works out to around US$ a fday for the two main meals… buy extra meals of different mixes so you have a choice when mealtimes roll around, and keep buying them – they are cheap enough and usually survive well for several days in the fridge.These vans usually have a good selection – if you get there early, not much selection if you get there late!!! Normally kingfish, flying fish, chicken legs, coo-coo (polenta made with okras), orange pumpkin, sweet potato (the sweet grey ones), yams, vegetables, macaroni pie, and a host of other daily favourites on a rotating basis.If you can’t find out where to get any of these, get thee hence – be early for lunch time – to "Big B" or a SuperCentre supermarket and check out the deli sections, whewre you will find the same kinds of selections and specials. They are worth waiting for!!!The supermarkets now carry a wide range of local and international products, but prices will be a bit steeper than you are accustomed to in your developed country. When I go on vacation I bring all the extras I need in my suitcase… including an extra roll of toilet paper and a box of tissues. Only YOU know what YOUR essentials are.The bottom line is that you don’t have to pay US$70 a head for local food… it’s right under your nose if you don’t need a moonlight, service and a romantic setting.Each of us also brings a couple of bottles of our own wine (we make it here ourselves, for about US$2.50 a bottle). It’s the kind we like (no bitter oak) and we avoid the fat prices and taxes demanded there for such niceties.I hope to be there in May, looking forward to Bajan specialties again… even if they are from the supermarket deli!!!


I would recommend the Southern Surf Beach Apartments take a look. It is a nice clean efficient quiet place close to everything..You can walk to The Gap (15 mins) close to Big B grocery store and good restaurants near by. We have stayed there 7 times and they keep improving the rooms..You have a nice full kitchen with microwave and it fun to sit on the balcony and watch the sunset and see the traffic go by. Just walk across the road and you are at Rockely Beach which is beautiful and has nice waves and a shady place to sit if you want. We paid $80.75 US plus tax a night. The young couple who own it cannot do enough for you…send them a list of groceries that you would like in your frig etc. on arrival and they will do it at no extra charge.I hate to give out our special place…do not book early December Room #7 that’s all I ask….


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