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I am hoping someone out there can help us. How safe is Puerto la Cruze and what hotels are fine for tourists from Canada? Also when travelling to various parts of Venezuela, do you need a guide, are the highways safe??? Answers needed as family members want to go back to see places where they grew up. Have been in Canada since 1967 and have not been back.Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, I haven’t been on this forum for a while, but when the sun in Canada starts to dim, I look for it elsewhere. Puerto la Cruz, if I remember correctly (from 2004) lies between the Dunes Hotel, and the Hisperia Isla Margarita,

4-star and 4&1/2 star respectively, either one a great choice for your vacation. We stayed at the Dunes with our 3 children, ages from 9 to 14. They have nothing but fond remembrances of their holiday. The beach. however is not very good for swimming and watersports, it is usually VERY rough. We spent lots of time at the large pool at the hotel, and going across the island to Playa el Agua which has a nice, but much busier beach. Also the Hisperia hotel has a sister hotel there which is also supposed to be good, but more"party" oriented. We really loved our vacation there, and regretfully haven’t been back. It is our hope to go again as there is too way too much to see and do in 1 week. The locals are so friendly, although not so good at English… but is a lot of fun to try and make conversation with them. Maybe things have changed in 2 years, but I would go back in a minute.

Hi again,
Just realized that you meant mainland… and I can’ help you there. The island is very tourist oriented and tries to stay out of politics. Better that way for them, but the way Chavez is berating the Americans right now, maybe things have changed…. try to get some newspaper feeds and get a feel for what’s happening. Sorry for the misread, but I bet you will enjoy yourself anyway.

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