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As many fellow travelers know, it is very difficult to know what the prices for cigars are before you travel to Cuba. In the past a friend of mine, Martymix, compiled a list of cigars and pricing for them. I have lost touch with Marty and his price list is now going on 4 years out of date.So, for this reason I want to compile a new price list. However, I can’t do this alone. I’m really hoping that the travelers on the forums can help me on this one. What I’m asking is; if anyone traveling to Cuba can look at at least one cigar while they are there and then report back to me via email or private message. What I would need is; the Brand name, the cigar name, the price per single cigar and if possible the price per box, and If you could also let me know where in Cuba you gathered the info. If any of the seasoned cigar smokers have an idea on any “peso” cigars, it would be great to have that too. Also, if any of the seasoned cigar smokers currently have a few prices complied I would welcome that and put it together that much faster. Quite honestly, I’m sure I will get multiple reports for one cigar, but that is ok, as it will also help verify other reports as well as keep the list current.

To try and simplify it, we can use Marty’s old list at: . I’m printing this cigar list and taking it with me.

Thanks in advance,


I’ll help out with that my next visit. Good cigar shopping is one of my priorities when travelling.Last year, while at RHE, I took pictures of their quite extensive price list. If I can find ’em, I’ll post those for you.As for box prices vs. single stick, it’s just the single price X number in a box. No discounts as far as I know.


Thanks Jamie, appreciate any info. Yes, actually now that I think about, I believe you’re right about the singles vs boxes. Brainfart on my end…lol Another brainfart….feel free to post any pricing. No need to email/pm.

SNIP>SNIP A couple of years ago, I managed to get my hands on a couple of bundles of "Peso" cigars. Believe it or not, they’re much harder to get than "genewwwwwwwwine" fake Cohibas. I asked several gardeners about them and some bartenders, and everyone shyed away for some reason. They knew what I was talking about because I even printed a picture (taken from the link below) of the brand sold in Holguin Province to show them (and we were in Guardalavaca).There was a guy on the beach selling cigars (and we all know what they were) but I asked him about the bundles of Pesos. After 30 minutes of discussing why I wanted those and not what he was selling, he agreed for 15 CUC for 2 bundles. The next day he did bring them and he acted like he was selling me crack in the lobby of a police station.As for the smokes themselves, they’re really butt-ugly and some are loose while others were a tad snug. However, they’re great yard-gars and there’s no mistaking the Cuban tobacco flavours in them. If anyone wants a somewhat decent smoke for cheap, I’d recommend them. Hell, less than $20 Canadian for 50 of those is a great deal. I think cigarettes are more than that now.I’m assuming you’ve read up on the Peso cigars here:

HolaThe peso cigars are not for export, they are for the local people. If they check at the airport, they will be taken away…period. Have seen this myself. Came home with 9 bundles of them sometime back, no problem they were in my checked luggage….and no duty..when I declared them….they did cost me less than 10 cuc’s in the store. For the most part, it’s the hunt for them which is fun, and they make your good cigars last longer…but for me…no more..they really are not that great IMO


Heading to Cuba in two weeks and will check out the cigar shops and get prices for ya.My son just came back from down south and picked up two cigars for me at the Varadero airportromeo y julietta in a tube 6$Monte cristo in a tube 6$is that about right for prices?Oh! and I’ll be enjoying them when I get to Santiago de Cuba …Can’ t waitI will also be going to Holguin in March and will go to a real good gov’mt run cigar shop (been there 4 times) so I will try an get a price list from that shop.
searun: "15 CUC for 2 bundles"OUCH!!!!!I paid 1 CUC in Chivirico in November, 2011.Elsewhere in 2010 and in 2009, they crept up to 1.25 CUC.Prior to that, for a few years they were 1 CUCsearun: "he acted like he was selling me crack in the lobby of a police station"He didn’t want anyone to see the crime that was taking place.

Yeah, 15 CUC, but I wanted to try ’em bad and hell, 15 CUC for 50 decent smokes is good in my books. I paid 20 CUC for a Montecristo "A" last March to see what they were like.

I know he probably didn’t want anyone to see what he was doing, but that’s the part I don’t understand. He was openly selling "fakes" out of a knapsack on the beach. I’m sure the officials would come down harder on someone selling fakes than selling "Peso" smokes, wouldn’t they?

That’s great Jamie!!!! Thanks for posting that!! As for peso cigars….I’ve had the honour of being gifted a bunch from a resort worker who wanted to repay me for my gifts to him….They were’nt the prettiest but a wonderful smoke!!! Wish I had 10 more bunches of them!


I want to thank those who have already sent me info. My list is coming along beautifully. I’ve got compiled what I believe is a complete current list of cigars available, with the exception of some of the "Edicion Limitada"I have many prices verified but I need many more. Please keep sending me the info.I’m also building a website where I will post this price list as well as some other cigar info. If anyone wants a copy of the list I have to date, please feel free to contact me. It’s still in a working stage and in word format.Cheers,Geoff


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