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Can you tell me if there is entertainment after the shows besides the Disco. Some resorts offer piano bar with dancing in the lobby.Also if a group of friends, say 6-8 people, would like to sit together at the restaurants will there be a problem? As we had problems a the Royal Decameron in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. they only allowed 4 people to sit togeter and the other 2 had to sit by themseves.Is it very humid in January and is there plenty of shades and palapas available?Food is very a personal taste but is there a variety and do they have seafood, lobster, shrimps, mussels, crabs etc.

I read the reviews and its sould like a wonderful place and we would like to try something different next year.

It can be humid in January, thanks to the breeze it really cuts it down. We have been there the early part of January and found it extremely humid in the evening. The last few times we went there, we went later in January it seemed more bearable. There is plenty of shade and palapas. You might not necessarily get the area you want to be in if you arrive late, but just keep walking and you will find somewhere to sit in the shade. You won’t find a wide variety of seafood there such as crab, mussels. I am trying to recall what was on the menu at El Canal (seafood a la carte), but I don’t recall. I always order the breaded shrimp. There is a la carte called "Catch of the Day", but we never got there. Apparently they have lobster, but it isn’t included, so you have to pay. Regarding sitting a group of friends – 6 or 8 isn’t very large. I am sure they can accommodate that number. I’ve seen it done there. It’s a great resort. We’d go back again.
We were just there May18-25 and had a great time. Yes, there is additional entertainment, besides the nightly shows. If you go to Cafe Med, which is one of the specialty restaurants, they have a band there which belts out cover tunes from many different bands.

We spent most of our nights there as the show area was often crowded, hard to find a seat. You can also try Woody’s Beach Bar which is a quick 5 minute jaunt down the beach (just walk right). They also play all your favourite tunes and it’s a nice break from the crowded resort "feel".

We never ever had a problem grabbing a palapa on the beach…there are a lot of them, although it might be different during high season?? My wife loves seafood and she sure had her fill while we were there.

The specialty restaurants have a "share" policy as far as the table seating go (meaning if there were say, 1 couple already sitting there, you may be joined by another couple you don’t know) but I don’t believe you’d have a problem sitting all together. It’s definitly a good choice if you want something a little different in a destination.

Hope this helps!


Travelchick2007:Perhaps things are different when it’s high season. Because when we were there in January, the guys that played at Cafe Med played prior to the nightly entertainment. They started about eight or so and played till ten. This past year, the one week we were there, they didn’t play. A couple of other years we were there, the main singer’s girlfriend from Calgary, Alberta was visiting for a week and would often sing. To any couples who may be going there on their own. Buznbro is correct that they do have a ‘share’ policy at the a la carte. This almost happened to us. We didn’t mind until I realized there was an ashtray on our table. Neither my husband or I smoke. We asked the hostess and she said ‘yes’ that is a smoking table. She very graciously moved us to another table. As it turned out, there were a lot of no shows that night. No one ever showed up to sit at that table and we didn’t have anyone join us. I don’t know if when booking the a la carte if you can request no smoking.

Bebbie I just read what you said about Octavio and his girlfriend from Calgary. We got kind of friendly with him the summer before when we were there because we’re from Calgary too. Turns out that last summer when were were there he was quite upset because she had broken up with him. They also played last summer from about 8.00 to 10.00. He went into Panama city afterwards to do a show at a club. We never had anyone join us at any a la carte in the summer. I seem to remember that there were some big tables at the a la cartes

We were here as a group of 12 this past January. It was never an issue to sit together for dinner…sometimes we were able to pull 2 rectangular tables together, and sometimes we had to sit in 2 groups of 6 at round tables. Part of the vacation experience!

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