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Hubby and I have done the S. Caribbean cruise and loved St. Thomas. Now want to do a family holiday but not sure which island to head to. We’d be staying for a couple of weeks in one spot hopefully. As I say we loved St. Thomas and Magens Bay. Kids are in their 20’s. Fabulous beach is a must and some good sightseeing or activities are important too. We leave from western Canada but that’s not really an issue. Can anyone help out?

Mayan Riviera in Mexico is on the Caribbean Sea. The resorts are beautiful; the beaches are WOW and there are lots of interesting excursion; e.g. the Mayan ruins in Tulum, fun things to do in Playa del Carmen; ferry over to Cozumel; swim with the dolphins; bull fighting arena in Cancun and much much more. The food and drinks are excellent as well. I can personally recommend any of the RIU chain of hotels, Royal Playa del Carmen or the Grand Sirenis in Akumal but there are many more equally as fun/nice resorts in the area.

When are you planning on traveling? What are your target dates? Or are you open to traveling at different times?I have some thoughts mulling in my head but want to broaden horizens… ;DWhat kind of activities do you like? Water? cultural and sight seeing? This may help to direct you to some place nice to take your family for an awesome caribbean vacay!

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We are hoping for January 08 or soon thereafter. Beautiful beach with water activities is first. After that we like a little exploring. Maybe rent a car if driving okay. All inclusive yes. We really liked the few hours we had in St Thomas but we’re open to other options. St. Lucia or Barbados look good.

Well, even though its not my favorite spot it is an awesome place to visit. I would have to rec. Jamaica. Endless beaches down near Negril, beautiful sunsets, Awesome places to visit great plantations, awesome jungle tours everything you may want to hit. I never got the chance to go diving while I was in Jamaica so I cant comment on this.You could get the same with Dominican Republic.One place I would say research is Turks Caicos, suppose to be heaven on Earth and awesome diving, if thats your thing, where there’s diving theres great people to meet, and usually awesome food to acompany that!!Honduras, although I don’t know what they have for beaches, depending on where your looking I am sure you can find something that meets your pleasure.Costa Rica, more out of the way, some really nice beaches, but your really cut off from the rest of the world, definately doing some cultural experience here.Last but not least my all time favorite…Cozumel ;D ;D Again to meet all your needs, there are beaches, water activities, culture, markets, shopping, easy(and I mean easy) driving, the ferry to go to mainland, excellent food, cheap and affordable AI’s and more luxurious AI’s if thats what you want. You can stay close to town, you can stay out of town in the middle of no whereHope this helps!!

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